Wound Mapping Ultrasound® Review

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The Wound Mapping Ultrasound®, true to its name, is an intuitive but powerful machine made for creating a visual, and documenting the state, of wound occult pathology. In other words, it provides an insight into the progression of certain conditions, which can help with a patient’s overall diagnosis and treatment.  


Primarily is meant to be used as a diagnostic tool for the visualization and documentation of what is going on inside of a wound. However, an Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) waveform analysis can also be conducted using this machine via wound bed visualization technology.  

  • Built-In reporting software for documentation of occult pathology
  • High-Resolution images of wound morphology and visualization of blood flow
  • A non-invasive imaging method that beats expensive MRIs (which need to be scheduled and can potentially delay readings), in terms of cost and convenience — reports can be taken and documented at the patient’s bedside.

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Tests Performed

As mentioned, the primary purpose of the Wound Mapping Ultrasound® is to get visuals and documentation of the pathology hidden inside of a wound. For this, Hitachi Health Care of Americas (the manufacturer of the Wound Mapping Ultrasound®), has provided a highly intuitive three-step process: prepare the probe, prepare the wound, and start scan!

Wound mapping kits are available for purchase, with all the items that you need in order to commence the analysis. Once the transducer and the wound have been prepared, the scanning can begin. On the monitor, you can view the occult pathology below the wound’s surface.

With this, you can document the blood flow in the wound bed and blood flow to the wound bed. The system also comes with a convenient touch-screen monitor for labeling and documentation, which is very helpful when it comes to producing in-depth wound mapping reports.  

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Software Used

The Wound Mapping Ultrasound® machine has a basic but intuitive reporting software that can be used to create quick and easy wound mapping reports. This is due to the touch-screen keyboard. Which allows you to browse through a dictionary of relevant terms for labeling recorded wound occult pathology.

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Wound Mapping Ultrasound® Review

As far as diagnosing PAD goes, the Wound Mapping Ultrasound® is not going to be winning any big award. It does have ABI waveform analysis as one of its available features. However, that plays second fiddle to its primary objective — to map and document occult pathology beneath the wound’s surface. Which is helpful for identifying possible complications and setting up treatments for patients who experience open wounds and sores with their PAD.  

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Technical Specifications

  • Mobile Unit System
  • Reporting Software (Touch-Screen Interface)
  • High-Resolution Display
  • HydroStep Transducer™
  • Wound Mapping Kit

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Pros and Cons

A list of pros and cons of the Wound Mapping Ultrasound® Machine.  


  • The whole system unit for the Wound Mapping Ultrasound® machine is mobile with a stable wheeled stand. This means, that it can be carted directly to a patient’s bedside (which sets it apart from other wound mapping methods — like an expensive MRI.)  
  • As for the processing unit itself, it comes equipped with a monitor display, touch-screen monitor, and convenient buttons and knobs.  
  • It also comes with a reporting software that can be used to label recorded visual imagery of wound morphology and blood flow — for creating highly in-depth wound mapping documentation.  
  • Finally, although its primary purpose is for the analysis and documentation of occult pathology beneath the surface of wounds. It can also be used for ABI analysis via pulse volume waveforms.  


  • Hitachi maximizes convenience with their Wound Mapping Ultrasound®. As such, there is hardly anything that can be said against it. Outside of the fact that it is definitely not an ABI machine (although it can be used as one in certain circumstances.)
  • Of course, one also has to take note of the price of the system. Which, when you take account of Hitachi’s use of advanced technology and high-mobility, can be quite staggering for smaller practices.  

6.5 Total Score


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