Wallach Fetal2EMR Twin Fetal Monitor Review  

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The Wallach Fetal 2EMR Twin Fetal Monitoring system was designed, very specifically, for analyzing fetal heart-rate. It’s twin-ready, so you can perform simultaneous monitoring for both a single baby or twins. It’s also been packed with all sorts of fetal monitoring equipment for maximum ease-of-use and efficiency.  


The Fetal2EMR works either as a mobile standing system or a desktop monitoring system that can be setup on a specific tabletop. As far as features and characteristics go, Wallach has ensured that this twin fetal monitoring system is known for the following:  

  • Fetal Monitoring for both a single baby and twins. 
  • Reporting software that can be used to transfer data over to a PC. 
  • Data can be transferred via a USB, USB drive, or an Ethernet cable. 
  • Large Color Monitor for easy and accurate analysis. 
  • Main System includes a built-in thermoprinter 
  • Accessories included: FHR probes, Ultrasound Transducers (2 for simultaneous twin-monitoring), Toco Probe, Thermo paper, Event Markets, Belts, Ultrasound Gel, Fuses, Power Cord, and Instructional manuals. 
  • (Optional Accessories) Rolling cart that can be purchased with or without a tray. 

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Tests Performed 

Much like most fetal heartbeat monitoring systems, the Fetal2EMR is used for monitoring the health of a baby pre-birth. The system comes with enough FHR probes and Ultrasound Transducers for twin-monitoring as well, which is an advanced feature not available in many fetal monitoring devices or machines. 

The system was designed with a bright-color display and a built-in thermal printer for easy analysis, and data can also be easily exported to a PC or an EMR system if you so choose. 

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Wallach Fetal2EMR Twin Fetal Monitor Review 

If what you’re looking for is a twin-ready monitoring machine, then you can’t go wrong with the Wallach Fetal2EMR system. It’s definitely on the high-end when it comes to FHR machines, but it is restricted to that specific use only. This is not a multi-purpose system that you can expect to use for other types of ultrasound testing. 

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Technical Specifications 

  • PC-Based System 
  • Reporting Software 
  • FHR Probes (2) 
  • Ultrasound Transducers (2) 
  • Built-in Thermal Printer 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Wallach Fetal2EMR Twin Fetal Monitor System.  


  • Wallach has ensured that the Fetal2EMR is capable of twin fetal monitoring, which is not a feature you see in many fetal monitoring systems. 
  • The large LCD monitor, and the built-in thermal printer also ensure that the system is great for viewing and storing recorded waveforms. 
  • The Fetal2EMR package also includes all the accessories you could possibly need when it comes to both single baby fetal monitoring and twin fetal monitoring.  


  • The WallachFetal2EMR twin fetal monitor is definitely not something to balk at. However, it was created very specifically for fetal monitoring. That is its specific use, and it doesn’t come with the accessories or software to back up any other type of ultrasound testing. 

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