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When Summit Doppler had released their Vantage ABI System, they had done so in order to provide a simple ABI machine that can perform three-minute ABI tests for the identification of atherosclerosis in patients. At that same time, they had also released what they called their VANMAX Vantage ABI System.  

This is what you might call the ‘Premium’ version of the regular Vantage ABI, as it provides a significant number of extra features that make it stand-over its more basic counterpart. Of course, because of that, it is also far more expensive.  


With the VANMAX Vantage ABI Package, you’re looking at everything that you get with the regular Vantage ABI System, and then some. That includes the following and more. 

  • The primary unit included in this package is what Summit Doppler describes as a one-button system. That means, that it is able to perform ABI tests in one-click.  
  • This system takes advantage of available modern technology, specifically, DFO waveform analysis, to provide an almost-instantaneous calculation of the systolic pressures in the ankles and brachium. 
  • As for the premium VANMAX features, you get the PC Download Software — installable via USB stick. It is highly intuitive and makes it even easier to perform ABI testing. 
  • The software is also a great mode for documenting patient reports and results that are received from the tests.  
  • These results can then be printed off through the printer that is built-into the main operating unit. Which prints on sticky-paper that can be pasted very quickly on documents for archiving and reimbursement purposes.  
  • Lastly, the system also comes with a ‘rolling’ stand and a storage basket for increased portability.  

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Tests Performed 

With the VANMAX Vantage ABI System, you get an automated ABI testing machine that uses technology that was created in a cooperation between the Cleveland Clinic and Summit Doppler. This technology allows for the instant calculation of ABI and can identify atherosclerotic patients in just three minutes!  

Most of the operation is dependent on the software used in the main operating unit. Which handles the auto-inflation and auto-deflation of the blood pressure cuffs. Recorded PVR waveforms are then calculated automatically as well and can be printed off for later review.  

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Software Used 

As mentioned, a lot is reliant on the software provided. The software is in charge of automatically deflating and inflating the blood pressure cuffs, analyzing the results, and then producing a report within three minutes.  

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It’s a very sophisticated DFO waveform analyzing machine, and it is significantly more efficient than most of the other available ABI machines out there. Especially those that use the more outdated form of testing ABI with Ultrasound dopplers and the like. In that sense, it is already leagues above its current competition.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Main Operating Unit 
  • Built-in Printer (Prints on adhesive paper) 
  • Auto Deflating and Inflating Blood Pressure Cuffs 
  • DFO Waveform Analysis 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Summit Doppler VANMAX Vantage ABI System 


  • The first and primary advantage of using the VANMAX system is the fact that you can perform automatic ABI examinations through the use of Summit Doppler’s DFO Waveform Analysis technology.  
  • There is a regular Vantage ABI model that is able to do this as well. However, it doesn’t have as many of the premium features that the VANMAX system offers.  
  • Such features include the extra PC software, the mobile stand, the storage basket, etc. 


  • Because of its use of modern technology, there’s no real disadvantage of using the VANMAX system over other ABI machines. At least, outside of the price of the package.  

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