Summit Doppler Vista AVS Vascular System Review

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The Summit Doppler Vista AVS Vascular System was created to be used for identifying possible blockages in the body’s circulatory system. It uses traditional methods, but testing is made just the slightest bit easier with the addition of convenient remote-controlled blood pressure cuffs.  


As mentioned, the Vista AVS is a very traditional vascular machine. The blood pressure cuffs that it uses might be modern, but the Doppler instrument is manual. 

  • Operates four different exams: ABI, TBI, seated ABI, and Segmental Studies 
  • Monitor unit for displaying collected results 
  • Remote-controlled cuffs that inflate and deflate automatically 
  • Sensitive 8 MHz Doppler Instrument for surface level arteries 
  • (Optional) Compatibility with 5 MHz Doppler (for deeper arteries) and bonus PVR and PPG modalities 
  • (Optional) Compatibility with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems for recording patient reports and results 
  • Regular Vista AVS comes with 9 blood pressure cuffs (2) 10 cm, (4) 12 cm, (2) 17 cm, and (1) digital cuff 
  • Advanced Vista AVS includes a helpful on-screen guide, PVR, PPG, auto-cuff inflation/deflation, stand, PC software, and individual site mode.  

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Tests Performed 

Summit Doppler was very thorough with the Vista AVS unit. There’s not much about it that you’d be left wanting for. Of course, as we’ve mentioned multiple times, the collection of data is still to be conducted manually. However, the remote-control cuffs and the graphics monitor unit (for displaying collected data), does help the process go as smoothly as possible. 

As for its actual uses, the system unit comes equipped with a sensitive 8 MHz Doppler instrument for conducting regular ABI exams. A 5 MHz Doppler, PPG, or PVR probe can also be included (with the advanced version) and used for conducting ABI/TBI exams on patients with suspected noncompressible arteries. 

Also, unlike most Doppler Vascular Systems, exams with the Vista AVS need not be conducted in the usual supine position. Instead, readings can be collected whilst the patient is sitting down (a boon for those who have difficulties with resting on their back.)  

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Software Used 

The Vista AVS comes equipped with a monitor that displays and stores exam data. This system unit uses a reporting software that compiles results in a format that is compatible with most EMR systems. Allowing physicians to smoothly view results during and post examination.  

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Summit Doppler Vista AVS Vascular System Review 

Overall, the Summit Doppler Vista AVS Vascular Systems stands at least a head over other systems that use the traditional manual Doppler method. It’s definitely far more sophisticated than other vascular systems, but because it uses a manual doppler, it’s not quite to the level of some of the more automated machines offered these days.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Small Graphics Monitor for displaying and recording results 
  • (9) Automatic Cuffs for maximum customizability for Segmental Studies 
  • Sensitive 8MHz Doppler Probe for surface level arteries 
  • Reporting Software that is compatible with most EMR systems that can compile full-page patient reports and store exam data 
  • (Optional) Compatibility with 5 MHz Doppler, PVR probes, and PPG probes

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Summit Doppler Vista AVS Vascular System.  

  • The Summit Doppler Vista AVS Vascular system can be used to manually operate single level ABI exams, TBI exams, and even multi-level segmental studies. 
  • Results can be viewed during and post-examination through the system unit with a graphics display and EMR compatibility.  
  • The system bundle comes equipped with automatically inflating and deflating blood pressure cuffs for calculating blood pressure. 
  • Handles easily with a sensitive 8 MHz doppler for identifying pulse volume waveforms of surface level vessels. 
  • Offers compatibility with 5 MHz Doppler (for deeper vessels), PVR probes, and PPG probes (for patients with suspected noncompressible arteries.)  

  • Although the regular system bundle is small and the advanced version comes with a rolling stand, the Vista AVS cannot be considered portable or mobile. Unlike most vascular systems, it does not come with an internal printer. 
  • Finally, whilst the Vista AVS allows for flexibility in testing and is guaranteed to provide accurate results in the hand of a physician with training, it’s still a manual system. The Doppler method that it uses is trusted, but its rather aged, and more modern alternatives are now available.  


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