Summit Doppler Vista ABI Vascular System Review

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The Summit Doppler Vista ABI Vascular System can be used to identify the presence of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) through a single-level bilateral ABI exam. The unit itself takes advantage of older methods mixed with more modern accessories — bi-directional doppler probes, remote-controlled cuffs, and optional PPG probe compatibility for TBI testing.  


The Vista ABI Vascular System from Summit Doppler is a manual ABI testing machine for ABI, TBI, and Segmental studies.  

  • Operates Single-Level Vascular Exams
  • Graphics Monitor for Displaying Waveform Results 
  • Remote-Controlled Cuffs, automatic cuff inflation, deflation, and calculation 
  • Sensitive 8 MHz Doppler probe included, and the unit is compatible with 5 MHz Doppler probes (to be purchased separately) 
  • PPG probe compatibility for TBI tests on patients with noncompressible arteries  
  • Software compatible with Electronic Medical Record (EMR)  

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Tests Performed 

With the Vista AVS’s versatility, a variety of exams for testing PAD are available. Of course, the most common test is the single-level bi-directional ABI exam. However, the software is also compatible with testing for TBI with a PPG probe (must be purchased separately) and segmental studies.  

As far as basic testing goes, the Vista ABI Vascular System is more traditional than some of the more modern applications in the market. The test is manually driven and requires handling from a physician trained to use a sensitive bi-directional 8 MHz probe (for surface vessels) or a 5 MHz probe (for deeper vessels) to obtain ankle pulse waveforms.  

A breakthrough by Summit Doppler consists of more flexible testing, as far as the patient is concerned. In that rest is no longer required, patients can be tested whilst seated (which is beneficial for patients who struggle with resting in a supine position.)  

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Software Used 

A reporting software is included in the Vista AVS. It offers full-page-ready reports, the storage of exam data, and integration with most Electronic Medical Record systems. The Vista AVS unit itself also comes with an on-screen guide that can help medical technicians through ABI testing.  

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Despite its use of more traditional ABI testing methods, the Summit Doppler AVS offers versatility in the manual diagnosis of PAD in patients. With it, you can conduct basic single-level ABI exams and branch out to TBI and Segmental Testing with the application of optional accessories that are compatible with the unit. 

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Technical Specifications 

  • Small Graphic Display for showing waveforms
  • 4 blood pressure cuffs — (2) 10cm and (2) 12 cm 
  • 8 MHz Doppler included and compatible with 5 MHz Doppler (not included) 
  • Reporting Software for full-page reports, data storage, and EMR compatibility 
  • Optional PPG probe for TBI exams (must be purchased separately) 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Summit Doppler Vista ABI Vascular System.  

  • A flexible testing system that is compatible with simple single-level ABI exams, TBI exams (PPG probe must be purchased separately), and segmental studies.  
  • (4) blood pressure cuffs that can inflate, deflate, and calculate readings through a remote control 
  • Uses sensitive 8 MHz doppler for studying surface level arteries (optional compatibility with 5 MHz doppler that is perfect for deeper arteries) 
  • Reporting software that compiles full-page reports that are compatible with most EMR systems  

  • The Summit Doppler Vista ABI Vascular System is not portable. It does not come with an internal printer, and reports must be viewed through a separate computer. 
  • The cost of one of these systems necessitates that it be used for big practices, with more patients.  
  • Finally, whilst the system is compatible with convenient accessories that will allow for more flexibility and accuracy during testing, the Vista AVS uses an older method of testing for PAD. More modern methods are available today, methods that can provide accurate results faster and more accurately.  


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