Summit Doppler Vantage ABI Vascular System Review

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The Summit Doppler Vantage ABI Vascular System offers an improved version over more traditional methods of estimating oscillometric ankle pressure with dopplers or photoplethysmography probes. With the Vantage ABI, the presence, or lack thereof, of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) can be identified with Digital Fourier Oscillometric (DFO) waveform analysis in a quick and efficient manner.  


Summit Doppler’s Vantage ABI Vascular System functions as a mobile ABI Testing unit. It comes in two different packages (VANABI & VANMAX.)  

  • One-Touch feature that automatically calculates ABI results in 3 minutes
  • Graphics Display Monitor that offers intuitive Touch-Screen navigation 
  • USB hub available for exporting full-page patient reports and pulse waveform reports 
  • Blood Pressure cuffs and color-coded tubing to obtain blood pressure and ankle waveforms automatically 
  • VANABI Package: Comes with the full Vantage ABI System Unit, USB Storage, and (4) blood pressure cuffs 
  • VANMAX Package: Comes with the full Vantage ABI System Unit, USB Storage, (4) blood pressure cuffs, built-in printer, stand, and basket 

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Tests Performed 

With the Summit Doppler Vantage ABI Vascular System, automatic single-level exams using DFO can be completed instantaneously. This form of ABI testing, using the DFO Algorithm, has been validated through collaboratory research between Summit Doppler and the Cleveland Clinic. 

In contrast to more traditional methods of calculating ABI — manually with a Doppler device, the Vantage ABI system calculates ABI results automatically. It’s also been lauded for the ability to identify patients with noncompressible arteries (something that would have traditionally required a TBI.)  

To use the Vantage AVS, the client will still have to rest in a supine position, blood pressure cuffs should then be wrapped around the patient’s upper arms and ankles, and then with one click (clicking the START button on the touch-screen display), the system will automatically analyze the collected data. Full-page reports should be presented after three minutes, and (with the VANMAX Package) printed through an internal printer.  

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Software Used 

Both the VANABI and VANMAX Vantage ABI systems come with a PC download software that can be installed in a 32bit or 64bit Windows Vista (or better) computer. Upon installation of the software, data can be imported with the use of a USB memory stick. 

Saved data will come complete with a patient information page (fully customizable) and a pulse waveform page (non-customizable.)  

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The Vantage ABI system is a modern take on machines that are available for testing ABI and diagnosing PAD. With its one-click DFO analysis that can process results in 3 minutes, the system is highly efficient and incredibly accurate.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • LED Touch Screen (backlit) 
  • 4 blood pressure cuffs — (2) 10cm and (2) 12 cm 
  • 4 color-coded hoses  
  • AC Rechargeable 
  • Main Unit Dimensions: 6.4” x 11” x 7.3” 
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs.  

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Summit Doppler Vantage ABI Vascular System. 

  • The Vantage AVS throws away the traditional method of testing for PAD with a Doppler instrument. Instead, pulse waveforms are automatically recorded and analyzed using the DFO Algorithm.
  • Flexible testing capabilities that are highly intuitive with easy-to-use reporting software. 
  • Large Graphic Display for viewing real-time results as they are calculated by accompanying reporting software. 
  • Automated blood-pressure cuffs that connect to the unit via color-coded tubing. 
  • AC Rechargeable Unit. The system will notify handler when the battery is low. 
  • Affordable and Portable (with the VANMAX package the system is fully mobile with a stand, basket, and integrated printer.)  

  • The Vantage ABI VANABI Package is not portable (does not come with a stand, basket, and will require an external printer.) 


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