Summit Doppler Vantage ABI Vascular Exam Systems

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ABI Vascular Machine Review

The Summit Doppler Vantage ABI Vascular Exam Systems has a single button, is based on the cuff and a system that has the ability to measure the ABI in patients quickly. A test is done to detect PAD in patients. The method used is waveform analysis by a Digital Fourier Oscillometric (DFO). The above method is an upgraded version of the traditional waveforms for estimation of the oscillometric pressure in ankles. The device is highly efficient in providing measurements of ABI as measured across the entire range of PAD. The Summit Doppler Vantage ABI Vascular Exam Systems does not use a Doppler or a probe of photoplethysmography.

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ABI System Review: Features

 The Vantage ABI can effectively measure the limbs’ systolic blood pressure using the volume of the plethysmography. The machine has a digital display for the waveforms and functions via a touchscreen. Additional four cuffs are availablenso that the waveforms of ankles and the pressure of limbs can be measured. The Summit Doppler Vantage ABI Vascular Exam Systems can work both via an internal battery or an external power supply.

The Vantage system is comprised of two systems – VANABI and VANMAX that combine as a single unit with a touchscreen, a software that enables PC downloads, a USB stick and four cuffs to measure blood pressure. The cuffs are color-coded with labeled hoses. It also has a training video, a manual for the user, cable, power supply, and ABI chart. The package of VANMAX system has an additional built-in printer that is backed by adhesive paper along with a stand having a storage basket.

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Features of ABI System

  • The system of ABI is single-buttoned
  • Has the efficiency to calculate ABI in 3 minutes
  • ABI is one of the most  important factors in diagnosing Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Uses a Cuff based technology
  • Waveform analysis by Digital Fourier Oscillometric (DFO)
  • A PC software that helps entry of  patient data as well as report generation
  • Explicitly save/export/print data
  • Prints waveforms that might be required for reimbursement
  • Free from Latex
  • Made in the USA

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Need of the ABI Vascular System Review

The Vascular system is highly efficient in detecting PAD. A severe condition which if left untreated can cause an array of cardiovascular issues such as heart stroke or heart attack. It is seen that the national health organization suggests people who are at risk to annually opt for PAD testing to stay safe and take necessary precautions to combat the disease.

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People at Risk

  • Chain smokers
  • People at an age of 70 or more
  • People having leg claudication
  • Diabetic patients of age 50 or more
  • People having an abnormal pulse rate
  • People with a history of cardiovascular disease.
  • People having Critical Limb Ischemia

It is advisable that these people frequently opt for an ABI test to know their status and if they are at higher risk of  PAD, then necessary steps need to be taken to cure the disease.

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