Summit Doppler L500VA – Vista AVS Vascular Doppler Review  

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As a part of their Vista AVS line of vascular doppler systems, Summit Doppler released their Summit Doppler L500VA – Vista AVS Vascular Doppler. We’ve reviewed one of its earlier counterparts (the L450VA) before and were able to conclude that it is a very powerful ABI testing machine. With the newer, and arguably more advanced, L500VA we hope to do the same.  


We were able to cover a lot of the Vista AVS’s features already with our review of the L450VA. It, and the L500VA, are very similar when it comes to its features, but certain modalities and accessories are provided only in this more recent model.  

  • Extra testing modalities (a total of three) that allows for regular Doppler testing, PVR-Testing, and PPG testing.  
  • The L500VA is also capable of recording systolic ankle pressures at two different ankle sites.  
  • Automatically inflating and deflating blood pressure cuffs included with purchase. 
  • Unlike some of the older models, the L500VA allows for complete customization when it comes to segmental exams.  
  • The system is PC-Based, and it comes with a reporting software for creating full-page reports that can be viewed live or stored in the computer for later analysis or documentation. 
  • Accessories that come with purchase include the following: Blood pressure cuffs (9) of different sizes, a digital cuff, an 8 MHz bi-directional probe, a PPG probe, a basket, some gel, and a rolling stand. 

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Tests Performed 

What Summit Doppler has been able to provide with the L500VA is a very flexible testing system. Not only do we get the three different testing modalities, but we are also provided with the means of customizing how the tests are performed with the segmental testing feature. 

Testing can be performed very easily by following the step-by-step instructions built into the system. Tests aralso made even more efficient with the auto-inflating/deflating cuffs, the algorithms involved in the auto-reporting software, and the extra capabilities that allows for both TBI and Seated ABI Exams.  

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Software Used 

SmartDop does not have a specific name for its reporting software. However, it is PC-based and can be used for creating full-page reports on the results of the examination. These reports are EMR-compatible and can thus be exported and stored for documentation, analysis, and reimbursement purposes.  

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Summit Doppler L500VA – Vista AVS Vascular Doppler Review 

Without a doubt, the L500VA is leagues ahead of most of its competitors in the industry. It’s a very powerful machine, and it was built, very specifically, with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind. Of course, with the introduction of new ABI technology in the industry, this is not the most advanced system out there, but it certainly gets more than a passing grade.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • PC-Based System 
  • Automatic Reporting Software 
  • Automatic Inflating/Deflating Blood Pressure Cuffs 
  • Doppler, PVR, and PPG Modalities 
  • EMR Systems Compatible 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Summit Doppler L500VA – Vista AVS Vascular Doppler System.  


  • The first advantage of choosing the Summit DopplerL500VA is the fact that it is the most advanced in the Vista AVS line.  
  • Of the features that makes it efficient, there is the multiple testing modalities that allow for very thorough tests that can be customized based on the needs of your patient’s needs. 
  • The L500VA also come with many extra accessories that makes the process more efficient (like the auto-inflating/deflating blood pressure cuffs and the automatic reporting software.)  


  • As was mentioned in our conclusion, the Summit Doppler L500VA (while powerful and efficient) is not the most advanced or efficient ABI system available.  

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