LifeDop Summit Doppler L300AC ABI Doppler System Review

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Summit Doppler LifeDop 300 ABI is one of such ABI Machines that is used for testing ABI. Specifically, it is an ABI Doppler Machine, which uses Doppler technology to calculate ABI. This ABI Doppler System has gained quite a popularity among medical professionals, mainly the ones involved in ABI testing and PAD diagnosis. So, in this blog, we’re going to conduct Summit Doppler l300abi Review, by analyzing the features and application of this ABI Machine.It is estimated that one in every twenty persons in the US has PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease), and this number keeps on growing year after year. Less than 10% of all the patient suffering from PAD realize that they have this disease, and are undergoing treatment. This is shocking considering the fact that if PAD remains undiagnosed and untreated for a long time, it can cause the patients to suffer from more critical problems like strokes, heart attack and infection in the legs, further resulting in a leg amputation.

PAD occurs when blood flow in lower limbs is interrupted, either due to contraction of the arteries or because of the deposit of fatty particles in them. It is prescribed by the doctors that once a person crosses the age of 50, and especially if they have a history of smoking and Diabetes, they must check for PAD. To determine if a person has PAD or not, a special kind of test is conducted, which is known as ABI (Ankle Brachial Index).

ABI is measured by calculating the ratio of systolic pressure of the brachial and that of the ankle. To conduct an ABI test, different kinds of ABI machines are available in the market. Few among them are based on the traditional testing system, while others use newer technologies. ABI Doppler Systems or ABI Doppler Machines use the traditional system to test ABI.

ABI Doppler Systems | Summit Doppler L300abi review

ABI Doppler Systems rely on Doppler technology to read the systolic pressure and calculate ABI in patients. Doppler is a device that has an inbuilt speaker, and a probe connected to it. The probe, when it comes in contact with brachial/ ankle, sends ultrasound signals to the blood vessels. Using these signals, the Doppler is able to read the systolic pressure in the vessels and record the rate of blood flow in the form of waves. These results can be printed by connecting the Doppler with a printer.

As the probe activates and touches the brachial/ ankle skin, the speaker on the Doppler starts to produce sound. It is the noise of the blood flowing through the arteries, and its purpose is to direct the operator to the right blood vessel. Most ABI Doppler Systems work on the same principle to read the data and calculate the ABI. And one of such systems is Summit Doppler LifeDop 300 ABI.

Summit Doppler LifeDop 300 ABI: Features and Functionality

Summit Doppler LifeDop 300 ABI system includes a Doppler, an 8 MHz probe, four cuffs with aneroid, and a printer. Quite unlike the Doppler offered with other systems, this one has a numeric keypad for easy entry and calculation of ABI. Considering the peripherals included in the system, it is truly a portable device, allowing the user to carry it anywhere, as per the need. It could easily be used AS a handheld Doppler for ABI. Also, it is claimed to be extremely durable and long lasting.

To measure the ABI, first, the cuffs are tied to each of the brachial and ankles and inflated. Then, using the probe and the Doppler, readings of the blood flow are taken. The operator can print the result in the form of waves, by connecting the Doppler to the printer. Note that this process needs to be repeated 4 times, separately in case of each brachial and ankle. Calculating ABI is a manual process, so once the systolic pressure from all four limbs is collected, the user can feed the data into the Doppler and derive the ABI results. The report is also prepared manually. It depends entirely on the user, whether to prepare a handwritten report or a computer generated one.

In case of complication like incompressible arteries, especially in Diabetic patients, the probe is used to measure the systolic pressure of the toes. And so, instead of ABI, TBI (Toe Brachial Index) is calculated, which basically serves the same purpose. LifeDop ABI Vascular System also works as an ABI TBI Machine.

Summit Doppler L300ABI Review

LifeDop ABI Vascular System is a cuff and probe-based system, which makes it fall in the line of products that are based on traditional ABI testing principles. Despite the fact that LifeDop ABI Vascular System has been able to gain quite a popularity, and that it has few really good features, it’s still outdated, when compared with modern ABI testing machines.

It requires a lot of time for the user to conduct the test, due to procedures like wrapping/ unwrapping the cuffs, using the probe and the Doppler. The accuracy of the result depends entirely on the user, as using the probe to get the correct reading is a sophisticated process. Therefore, the operator using the device needs to be an experienced and well trained medical practitioner who fully understands ABI testing and PAD diagnosis procedure.

The cuffs and the gel, applied on the skin during the test, might make the process quite uncomfortable for a few of the patients. They cause a certain level of strain to the blood vessels and the skin, which is not preferred by many. Modern systems are designed keeping patient’s comfort in mind. With the least amount of body contact, they’re able to produce the results.

The process with most new technologies is so fast and easy that almost anyone can conduct the test, and before the patients know it, the result is already produced. Since most calculations and readings are done using a software, accuracy in modern machines is guaranteed. Also, ABI calculation and report preparation features in the latest systems is a fully automatic process, so the operator doesn’t need to keep feeding in the data and manually calculate ABI.

To conclude this Summit Doppler l300abi Review, what can be said is that Summit Doppler LifeDop 300 ABI is a great product for ABI testing and PAD diagnosis. However, when compared with other products, especially the ones using modern technologies, it doesn’t really stand a chance, primarily from the perspective of speed, comfort, and ease.

Summit Doppler LifeDop 300 ABI vs. QuantaFlo PAD Test

QuantaFlo from Semler Scientific is the most effective and reliable PAD Testing System in the current marketplace. Testing PAD using QuantaFlo is easy and quick, not just for the operators, but also for the patients. It’s also quite comfortable, as tests don’t require the patients to wear those tight cuffs or have gels applied over their skin. QuantaFlo uses sensors, attached to the fingers and toes, to read the pressure and diagnose PAD in patients, in a mere five minutes. QuantaFlo is definitely a more superior product than those traditional ABI machines.


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