Sonicaid FM830 Encore Acute Fetal/Maternal Monitoring Review  

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Huntleigh has continued to produce high-quality fetal monitoring devices and machines for their Sonicaid line of products. Their Sonicaid FM830 Encore Acute Fetal/Monitoring system is the one that we’re going to be focusing on today.  


The Sonicaid FM830 is a high-performance fetal and maternal monitoring system that takes advantage of some of the most advanced technologies available for maternal ECG, pulse oximetry, and more to create a singlepowerful, and multi-purpose machine.  

  • Antepartum Cardiotocography analysis available for recording fetal heartbeat. 
  • Twin-Ready standard (two ultrasound transducer channels included for simultaneous testing.)  
  • FECG also allows for the monitoring of triplets.  
  • Maternal Monitoring possible with MECG (Maternal Electrocardiogram) technology, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, and the analysis of Maternal pulse via oximetry. 
  • Monitor for live-monitoring of maternal and fetal heartbeat, blood pressure, and pulse volume waveforms. 

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Tests Performed 

The Sonicaid FM830 Encore is capable of both fetal and maternal monitoring. It’s the best at putting together a variety of standard fetal and monitoring equipment, often considered stand-alone, in order to provide the most convenience and efficiency.  

Of its known testing and monitoring abilities, the following are the most notable: Antepartum Cardiotocography analysis, Intrapartum Trend, simultaneous Twin-Monitoring, Triplet Monitoring, Maternal Monitoring, External Toco, IUP, Actograph, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure exams, and Maternal Pulse Oximetry. 

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Sonicaid FM830 Encore Acute Fetal/Maternal Monitoring Review 

Huntleigh has always been known for providing the most with their systems and kits, and they don’t disappoint with this machine. Without a doubt, the Sonicaid FM830 Encore for Acute Fetal/Maternal Monitoring is one of the most advanced in the industry. Of course, because it is primarily meant for the care and monitoring of both fetal and maternal systems, it won’t be much help with ABI examinations, but it does well in its field. 

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Technical Specifications 

  • Standard Monitor 
  • 1 TOCO cable 
  • 2 Cardio cables 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Sonicaid FM830 Encore Acute Fetal/Maternal Monitoring System.  


  • High quality fetal and maternal monitoring equipment all packed into one powerful, all-encompassing, testing system. 
  • In-depth Maternal care analysis possible with MECG technology, non-invasive blood pressure exams, and maternal pulse oximetry analysis. 
  • Extensive fetal heartbeat monitoring with Antepartum Cardiotocography analysis, Intrapartum Trend, simultaneous Twin-Monitoring, and Triplet Monitoring. 


  • The Sonicaid FM830 is a very powerful fetal and maternal monitoring system. However, unlike other fetal monitoring systems out there, it’s not capable of ABI analysis.Page Break 

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