Sonicaid BD4000xs Series Fetal Monitor Review  

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The Sonicaid BD4000Xs Series Fetal Monitor is the evolution of Huntleigh’s handheld Sonicaid dopplers. It’s a tabletop device made to monitor fetal heartbeat with enhanced FHR performance. Learn more about its uses below.  


The Sonicaid BD400xs is an entry level prenatal monitoring device that uses the latest innovation in FHR technology. The most notable of its features include the following:  

  • Twin-Ready standard that allows for easy monitoring of twins — although another ultrasound transducer will be required if you want live-monitoring. 
  • Built-in printer capable of printing A4 thermal sheets.  
  • CTG reporting software that allows results to be recorded and later stored electronically 
  • Capable of connecting to a Central Record System (CRS) for analysis and archiving reasons.  
  • One large backlit monitor display and 2 large clear rate displays built in for monitoring FHR and contractions. 
  • The series includes two different versions — one of which is the single fetal monitor and the other is the twin fetal monitor (the only difference being that the latter includes two ultrasound transducers rather than one.)  

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Test Performed 

As there are two versions in the series, the testing capabilities of the Sonicaid BD4000xs may be different — although not much so. The two versions are both Twin-Ready, but only the Twin Fetal Monitor has two ultrasound transducers (which is what allows for the simultaneous monitoring of both fetuses.)  

With the use of either the single or dual ultrasound transducers, fetal monitoring is made possible. The device was also built with an intuitive interface for testing, a reporting software for the electronic handling of results, and a printer for documentation and reimbursement purposes to ensure maximum efficiency and ease-of-use.  

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Software Used 

The software included with the Sonicaid BD4000xs is not the most sophisticated, but it allows for the transfer of recorded results over to compatible CRS recording systems for archiving and later analysis. 

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Sonicaid BD4000xs Series Fetal Monitor Review 

The Sonicaid is quite rare in the fact that it is capable of Twin Fetal Monitoring. This standard allows for a lot of flexibility that not many fetal monitoring devices have. It was also built with a lot of convenient features that ensures that it’s very easy to use and capable of maximum efficiency.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Sonicaid Fetal Monitor 
  • Ultrasound Transducer(s) 
  • Toco Transducer 
  • User Manual 
  • Thermal Paper (1 Pack) 
  • Ultrasound Gel 
  • Transducer Belts  

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Sonicaid BD4000xs Series Fetal Monitor System.  


  • Unlike most FHR monitors, the Sonicaid BD4000xs is capable of twin fetal monitoring. It’s Twin-Ready designs also allows for a lot of flexibility in testing. 
  • A built-in thermal printer (capable of printing A4-sized thermal sheets) is available for easy documentation of results. 
  • The CTG reporting software also allows for results to be stored electronically with compatible CRS systems.  


  • Although the Sonicaid BD4000xs Series makes for great FHR monitoring, it was not meant for the calculation of ABI Index. It can be used as one, in a pinch, but there are alternatives out there that are definitely more suitable.  

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