Smartdop® XT6 Review

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The Smartdop® XT6 from Hadeco is a fully automatic vascular system. It accomplishes this with the use of auto-inflating and auto-deflating cuffs that can connect to 14 different sites for recording blood pressure measurements and PV waveforms. In that sense, the Smartdop® XT6 manages to be both traditional and somewhat modern.  


The Smartdop® XT6 is a PC-based vascular system that relies on automatic inflating and deflating cuffs. It was made for ease and efficiency in mind. Allowing the physician to activate the calculation of results with a single press of a button. 

  • Can be used to diagnose for PAD via ABI, TBI, and PV-Arterial Studies 
  • Simultaneously functions as both a vascular ABI system and a PPG testing system — meaning, it offers the traditional method of testing with a Doppler and the more modern method of automatically testing with Pulse Volume waveform readings 
  • PC-based system that connects to a central processing unit — reports can be immediately exported onto a laptop/desktop to be viewed and processed. 
  • Reporting software, the Smart-XT-Link 6, creates both PDFs and DICOM files, which are compatible with most EHRs and PACS systems 
  • (6) Automatically inflating/deflating cuffs that connect to the Smartdop® XT6 main unit through color-coded tubing — which ensures maximum efficiency when performing bilateral studies 

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Tests Performed 

The Smartdop® XT6 offers a unique prospective that sets it apart from other systems. In the sense that it is both traditional, and not. Because of this juxtaposition, it’s able to provide maximum flexibility as far as testing possibilities go.  

In order to proceed with testing, a patient must still rest in a supine position (as is usually required.) Blood pressure cuffs that connect to the processing unit via tubes should then be attached to the arm, ankle, and the toe cuffs. Once the patient is prepped, all the physician is required to do is press a button to initiate the recording of pulse volume waveforms. 

The actual calculation is completely automatic, with the easy-to-read results readily exportable to a laptop/desktop. Said reports can then be stored as either a PDF or DICOM file. 

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Software Used 

With the Smart-XT-Link6 Software that the Smartdop® XT6 uses, reports can be automatically processed into readable files on a PC of the physician’s choosing. In a single press of a button, the main processing unit proceeds to calculate results and transfer them over to the PC to be viewed and stored. 

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Smartdop® XT6 Review 

Overall, the Smartdop® XT6 manages to surpass the archaic perspective that similar systems have. It’s not the most sophisticated machine, what with the lack of a graphics monitor for displaying results. However, its automated features and technologically advanced accessories make up for that fact, making the XT6 a machine worth looking into.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Smartdop® XT Main Processing Unit 
  • Smart-XT-Link Software 
  • (6) Automated Blood Pressure Cuffs — (2) 12cm, (2) 10cm, and (2) 2.5cm which connect to the main processing unit with color-coded tubing 
  • (2) PPG Probes 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Smartdop® XT6 System.  

  • The Smartdop® XT6 uses modern technology to act as both a Vascular Doppler system and a Pulse Volume Waveform Automated system. 
  • Its main unit has (6) inflation points where color-coded tubing is used to connect to automatically inflating and deflating blood pressure cuffs, this system allows for the collection of PV-readings quickly.  
  • PV-readings are easily recorded after a single press of a button, which also activates the automatic transfer of reports onto a connected PC.  
  • Reports are easy-to-read and come formatted as either PDF or DICOM files. 
  • Uses Plethysmography (PPG) probes to obtain systolic pressures at the toes. 

  • Although the Smartdop® XT6 was effective in the application of modern technology, it does still fall behind in certain aspects. For one, it is not particularly portable. After all, in order to use the Smartdop® XT6, one will need to have an external printer (for printing results.) 
  • The Smartdop® XT6 also does not come with a graphics monitor for displaying real-time results. Instead, one will have to connect the main Smartdop® XT6 unit to a Laptop/Desktop in order to view the results.  

6.5 Total Score


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