Smartdop® XT 14 Vascular Testing System Review  

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Hadeco’s line of Smartdop® products is well-known in the industry. They offer a variety of different systems for vascular testing purposes, one of which is the Smartdop XT 14  Vascular testing system. It’s the more advanced sibling of the Smartdop XT6. Both boasts the a fully automated system that is able to test for ABI and TBI at multiple sites in a single press of a button.  

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Even though the XT 14 is considered more advanced than its XT6 counterpart, there are actually a lot of similarities between the two — not just in build style and quality but also in the available features, which includes the following: 

  • The system is fully automatic and capable of measuring blood pressure through Oscillometric Probes and PPG probes for ABI, TBI, and PV-Arterial studies.  
  • In contrast to the XT6, the Smartdop XT 14 offers 14 unique inflation ports for easy and efficient bilateral and multi-level arterial studies. 
  • Hadeco has included compatibility with their Smart-XT Link Software, which is capable of processing easy to read reports that can be exported as PDFs and DICOM files for your practice’s EHR and PACS recording systems.  
  • The system is PC-based, and a touch screen computer is provided along with a keyboard and mouse. 
  • In order to make up for the bulkiness of the design, Hadeco has included a cart with purchase.  
  • Also included with purchase are PPG Probes (2), a Doppler Probe, a Temperature Probe, and color-coded tubing and cuffs (14) to use for each of the available ports.  

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Tests Performed 

Hadeco bridges the line between modern and traditional with their Smartdop XT line by allowing both oscillometric and doppler blood pressure measurement. In the case of the Smartdop XT14, specifically, you get 14 semi-automatic ports that can be used in order to measure blood pressure at multiple levels.  

Once the blood pressure cuffs, which are connected to the main system via color-coded tubing, are connected, all the testing can be done within one-click of a button, allowing for instant measurement and calculation.  

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Software Used 

Much like the XT6, the Smartdop XT14 uses the Smart-XT-Link software. This is a reporting software that compiles recorded data and calculations into easy-to-read reports that can be viewed live on the Touchscreen monitorstored as documentation in EHR and PACS systems, or printed through an external printer 

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Smartdop® XT 14 Vascular Testing System Review 

In conclusion, the Smartdop XT 14 is one of the most advanced and efficient vascular testing systems in the market. This is, in large part, thanks to its multi-faceted testing capabilities and advanced accessories that allow for easy and efficient vascular testing via PPG and Doppler probes.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Main System with 14 Ports 
  • Automatically Inflating Blood Pressure Cuffs (14) 
  • Color-Coded Tubing (14) 
  • Touchscreen Computer with Mouse and Keyboard 
  • Smart-XT-Link Software 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Smartdop® XT 14 Vascular Testing System.  


  • The Smartdop XT14 is a fully automatic system that allows Oscillometric blood pressure measurement with PPG and Doppler testing for ABI and TBI examinations.  
  • It’s the more advanced version of the Smartdop XT6 (as it offers 14 connectable ports, rather than just six.)  
  • One-Click Button operation for easy bilateral and multi-level vascular examinations.  
  • All necessary accessories have been included for ease of use, as well as access to an advanced reporting software for exporting recorded results.  


  • Because of its PC-based design, the Smartdop XT 14 can appear quite bulky and will require a cart (provided with purchase) to be moved.  

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