Smartdop Hadeco Minidop ES-100VX Review 

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The Smartdop Hadeco Minidop ES-100VX is an entry-level pocket doppler designed for maximum portability. The whole system adds up to less than six inches and comes with all the accessories required for basic fetal heartbeat monitoring and entry-level vascular testing.  


Features-wise, the ES-100VX Minidop is definitely not the richestBut the device does have value at its price, especially if what you’re looking for is a pocket doppler that is capable of entry-level ABI testing.  

  • Bi-directional doppler for vascular testing and fetal heartbeat monitoring. 
  • Hi-fi speakers that provide crisp and clear sounds of pulse volume waveforms. 
  • Convenient automatic shutoff feature for saving battery life. 
  • Comes with a fetal heartbeat monitoring probe (2MHz by default.) 
  • (Optional) Compatible with extra probe attachments in the following frequencies: 2MHz, 8MHz, and 10MHz.  

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Tests Performed 

This Hadeco Minidop is meant primarily for fetal heartbeat monitoring. Case in point, it comes with a 2MHz probe by default (which is best used for fetal heartbeat monitoring.) However, if you want, you can also use this system for vascular tests with the other probe attachments that you can purchase — specifically the 5MHz to 10MHz probes (which are best for vascular tests.)  

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Smartdop Hadeco Minidop ES-100VX Review 

The ES-100VX is not going to be winning any awards, but it’s not necessary a bad handheld doppler. It’s just a very simple one. Which, if you’re looking for something to take with you on-the-go or something that will be able to withstand some rough handling, then maybe it’s exactly what you want. It depends on your needs and the needs of your facility. 

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Technical Specifications 

  • Bidirectional Probe  
  • Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring Probe  
  • Hi-Fi Speakers 
  • (Optional) Probes for Vascular Testing 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Smartdop Hadeco Minidop ES-100VX System.  


  • Entry-Level handheld doppler device that is perfect for monitoring fetal heartbeat and single-level vascular examinations. 
  • Probe Interchangeability features allows for some flexibility when it comes to testing ability (although only the 2MHz probe is included with purchase.) 


  • As mentioned, multiple times, this mini-doppler is really only something that can be considered an entry-level device. That was done purposefully to provide a portable solution for both fetal heartbeat monitoring and vascular testing. However, it should also be said that there are plenty of other pocket dopplers out there of its size that offer far more features. 

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