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For our ‘Pocket Doppler / with Sphygmomanometer / TBI / ABI Dopplex ABPI Review,’ we’re going to be covering something Huntleigh calls its ABPI kit. With this kit, you get a Doppler with two probes and the ability to assess regular limbs and limbs that are afflicted with edema. Several other accessories come along with this package as well to complete the system. However, whether it works well or not in terms of assessing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), is still up for questioning.


As far as features go, even if it’s primarily just an ABI Doppler system, you do get a bit more with this kit than you do with others that are available in the market. Such features include the following:

  • ABPI Doppler with two probe attachments: The EZ8 probe for locating vessels on patients with healthy looking limbs and the VP5 probe for patients who display swelling or edema in the legs and feet.
  • The EZ8 probe is 8MHz — boasting high sensitivity and useful for detecting surface-level vessels, whilst the VP5 probe is 5MHz —- best used for the examination of deeper arteries.
  • Huntleigh has also included the standard cuffs (for both arms and ankles) as well as a sphygmomanometer for the collection of blood pressure readings.
  • Instructional videos and ABPI testing guides are provided as well so that you will be able to use the probe to its fullest.
  • Lastly, to make sure that the kit is fully portable (all accessories included), Huntleigh has provided a large carrying bag for storing the entire system.

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Tests Performed

With Huntleigh’s ABPI kit, you get the tools that you need in order to conduct simple single-level ABPI examinations on both regular patients and edematous patients. For this, Huntleigh provides two probe attachments that you can use interchangeably with the included ABPI Doppler (instructions for the exams are included via CD and informational pamphlets.)

The procedure itself is not too different from your average ABI exam. You will need to ask the patient to rest in a supine position and relax into it for around 5 to 20 minutes. This would be the best time to examine the patient’s leg and determine whether they have edematous limbs. If so, use the included VP5 probe — otherwise, use the Easy 8 Probe.

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Pocket Doppler / with Sphygmomanometer / TBI / ABI Dopplex ABPI Review

That concludes our overview of Huntleigh’s ABPI kit. From what we can see, it really doesn’t do anything too different from what you get with other handheld dopplers in the market — which is not much in general. In that sense, whether you believe it’s worth your while is totally dependent on the needs of your practice.

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Technical Specifications

  • 8MHz Sensitive Doppler probe (EZ8 – also called Easy 8)
  • 5MHz Sensitive Doppler probe (VP5)
  • Blood Pressure cuffs and sphygmomanometer included
  • Extra Accessories: Carrying bag and Instructional Video/Pamphlet.

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Pros and Cons

A list of pros and cons of the POCKET DOPPLER / WITH SPHYGMOMANOMETER / TBI / ABI DOPPLEX ABPI device.


  • Some flexibility is provided with different probe attachments — one in 8MHz and the other in 5MHz.
  • Perfect for ABPI testing with blood pressure cuffs and sphyg included.
  • The ABPI kit was made to be extremely portable as well. Not in just the small build of the Doppler itself but even with the provided carrying bag (which can hold all the accessories included with the package.)


  • Of course, because this is a Pocket Doppler, you cannot expect this to be very advanced – technologically or otherwise. As of right now, even just the fact that it is a Doppler sets it apart miles and miles from other available ABPI machines out there — some of which allow for automatic calculation via smart algorithms.

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