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Huntleigh diagnostics goes back to the basics with their pocket doppler / ABI dopplex SD2. It’s a basic handheld device with a vascular probe attachment, a monitor for displaying blood flow information, and an output socket that will allow you to listen to stereo audio with a pair of earphones/headphones. 


The Dopplex SD2 is completely manual and meant to be used for analyzing the flow of blood and systolic pressure. It’s one of the most ‘basic’ in the Huntleigh line, as it offers only the bare minimum when it comes to features. Including the following:  

  • Bi-Directional probe that can collect information on the flow of blood easily and efficiently.  
  • Compatible with the doppler head attachments offered by Huntleigh in the XS size (all of which are highly sensitive and are available in a variety of different frequencies.)  
  • Provides crisp and clear audio output and an output socket that will allow you to broadcast audio to speakers (or a pair of stereo headphones.)  
  • Pocket-size doppler that is incredibly portable (carrying bag for the device and extra accessories also included with purchase.)  

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Tests Performed 

Because this is just a basic handheld doppler device, it does not offer the full arterial study spectrum that you get with other ABI machines. At most, it can be used in order to conduct single-level ABI exams — fully manual and traditional.  

For this, testing starts with the patient being rested in a supine position — with blood pressure cuffs fitted where they need to be. This won’t be able to collect PVR waveforms ( like some handheld vascular devices are now able to do) but it can identify the flow of blood, as well as the systolic pressure in the ankles. Both of which can lead to an accurate diagnosis as to whether PAD exists in the body.  

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Pocket Doppler / AVI Dopplex SD2 Review 

The Dopplex SD2 is as standard as it gets. It relies fully on traditional and old-school ABI technology. Which, although tried and tested, cannot be described as up with the times as it could be. Nowadays, there are machines out there (some of which are even produced by Huntleigh themselves) that are fully capable of more sophisticated arterial studies.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Dopplex device, with a blood flow monitor 
  • Compatible with XS doppler attachments 
  • Audio Output Socket  
  • Carrying Bag Included 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Pocket Doppler / AVI Dopplex SD2 device.  


  • It’s small and incredibly portable (able to fit in the pocket.) Huntleigh has also provided a convenient carrying case for purchased extra accessories. 
  • Comes attached with a basic bi-directional doppler. The attachments are interchangeable and can be replaced with the XS sensitive dopplers from Huntleigh.  
  • The built-in speaker can clearly broadcast pulse volume waveforms (and an output socket is built-in and can be used for connecting a speaker or a pair of stereo headsets.  


  • Not only is the Dopplex SD2 considered one of the simplest in Huntleigh’s line of handheld devices, but it also doesn’t quite match the level of technology offered by other devices (especially those that are capable of automatic ABI calculation.)  

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