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With this “Pocket doppler / ABI Dopplex D900” Review, we’re going to be talking about Huntleigh’s handheld ABI Doppler device called Dopplex D900. Judging from face value alone it’s something that one might consider more as a ‘basic or entry level’ device. It doesn’t have a monitor, its controls are very traditional, but how does it work in terms of testing capabilities? Let’s take a closer look.


The Dopplex D900, features-wise, is one of the most basic dopplers that you can get in the market. It’s not necessarily for the actual calculation of ABI — as not only does it not have a monitor (it’s audio-only) but it’s also non-directional, so you can’t use it for dual-ankle readings. Instead, you get the following:

  • Audio broadcast through a Hi-Fi Speaker
  • Compatible with Huntleigh designed XS Vascular Probes (not included.)
  • Audio Output Jack available for listening to blood flow via headphones or speakers
  • Made for the assessment of Leg Ulcers (not ABI testing)
  • Extra Accessories Included: Carry Bag

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Tests Performed

Rather than a test, the ABI Dopplex D900 offers assessments in the form of reading blood flow in patients who are afflicted with leg ulcers as a result of Peripheral Arterial Disease. Doctors and Nurses use the D900 in order to determine whether blood is flowing freely under these ulcers and whether the patient will need to be tested for ABI — in order to be helped in the management of their arterial condition.

It is compatible with vascular probes that can be used for testing ABI. However, those are not included in the original package and must be purchased separately. As such, we’ve chosen not to include it in our summary of the included benefits.

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Pocket Doppler / ABI Dopplex D900 Review

The ABI Dopplex D900 is not for those looking for an actual ABI machine. Instead, this is primarily marketed towards doctors and nurses who aid patients in the assessment and management of their leg ulcers. However, as far as its actual ABI testing goes, this is not going to be very useful (even if you purchase the compatible XS vascular probes.)

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Technical Specifications

  • Hi-Fi Speakers
  • Audio Output Socket
  • Carry-on bag included

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Pros and Cons

A list of pros and cons of the Pocket Doppler / ABI Dopplex D900 device.


  • The Dopplex D900 is a simple entry-level pocket doppler that was constructed primarily for the management of leg ulcers.
  • It’s strictly audio-only, but it is compatible with Huntleigh’s line of XS vascular probes (if you decide you want to use it for more than just leg ulcer management.


  • If it wasn’t already obvious, the testing ability of this pocket doppler is incredibly limited — even if you purchased the compatible vascular probes.
  • Assessments conducted by this doppler would also be completely manual and reliant on human analysis. Something that has been deemed redundant by all the new and automated ABI machines that are now available in the market.

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