Pocket-Dop II™ Review

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True to its name, the Pocket-Dop II™ is a small and portable handheld Doppler device created for on-the-go ABI examinations. It offers uniqueness in the form of interchangeable probes that can be used for obstetrical and vascular purposes.   


Features wise, there’s not much about it that sets it apart from the average handheld Doppler device. These include the following:  

  • (4) Interchangeable Doppler Probes; 
  • Built-in speakers that produce clear pulse sounds even in a noisy room; 
  • Stethoscope headset included along with rechargeable batteries, a recharger, a carrying case, and a choice between one or two probes; 
  • Finally, the Pocket-Dop II also offers compatibility with a waterproof probe for fetal examinations.  

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Tests Performed 

Like most handheld Dopplers, the Pocket-Dop II can conduct basic single level ABI exams. This procedure is completely manual, will require a physician with minimal training, and takes up to 20 to 45 minutes on average (including the mandatory rest period of 5 to 20 minutes prior to assessment.)  

Now, while the Pocket-Dop II is fairly limited when it comes to testing capabilities. It does offer some flexibility with interchangeable vascular probes. Included in the set is an 8 MHz Doppler probe for surface level vessels, a 5 MHz probe for deeper arteries, and a waterproof 2 or 3 MHz probe for monitoring underwater fetal heartbeats.  

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Pocket-Dop II™ Review 

Sleek design aside, there’s not much that separates the Pocket-Dop II from a regular handheld Doppler device. Its only real shining feature is the fact that the probes are interchangeable. That means, that you won’t have to purchase separate probes in order to complete other types of ABI examinations.   

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Technical Specifications 

  • (4) Interchangeable obstetrical and vascular probes 
  • 2 MHz and 3 MHz obstetrical probes 
  • 5 MHz or 8 MHz vascular probes 
  • Speakers and Stethoscope Headset compatibility 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Pocket-Dop II™ device 

  • Unlike some handheld Dopplers, which require the purchase of different versions of the same product in order to use different doppler attachments, the Pocket-Dop II offers all the different probes in one set.  
  • The interchangeable probes take the form of obstetrical and vascular probes, including 2 MHz and 3 MHz obstetrical probes and 5 MHz and 8 MHz vascular probes. 
  • As for the body of the Pocket-Dop, a speaker is built in for broadcasting pulse volume waveforms loud enough to be heard by the managing physician. 
  • Finally, the Pocket-Dop II is run completely by rechargeable batteries (with a recharger included in the pack.) It’s been said to average up to 150 uses before becoming low in charge.  

  • It will not offer much when it comes to testing flexibility. It is what it is. It’s cheap, small enough to fit in a pocket, and at the hands of a trained physician — can be accurately used.  However, the manual Doppler method that it uses does not compare to more advanced and automated machines that are now available in the market.  

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