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Huntleigh regularly releases what they call “kits” filled with ABI technology that is meant to be used together. This Peripheral Doppler / Portable / with Sphygmomanometer / ABI device is one of those products. It comes with your standard Doppler probe (what they call the DMX Doppler), and is meant to be used for identifying circulatory conditions: such as Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD.)  


As mentioned, this ‘kit’ isn’t necessarily just one product. It comes with a DMX Doppler, extra Doppler Probe attachments, and blood pressure cuffs. It is also compatible with Huntleigh’s DR5 Lite Software. These features, we’ll discuss more down below: 

  • The first item on this list is the DMX Doppler. This is one of Huntleigh’s favorite devices to include in their kits. It’s sleek, portable, and it offers a wide display for displaying heartbeat and pulse volume waveforms.  
  • Next on the list, is the actual Doppler probe. This differs from set to set, with this set, they have what they call a peripheral doppler (an EZ8XS Wide beam 8MHz Doppler Probe and a VP5XS Doppler Probe.) Which are good for identifying ankle systolic pressure at the surface level.  
  • Lastly, as far as the main features go, they also include the usual cuffs (latex-free) for both ankle and arm. 
  • Extras in this package include a recharging kit and compatibility with the DR5 Lite Software package. The former of which is great for saving battery life, and the latter for storing, reviewing, and even printing archived PVR results.  

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Tests Performed 

The Primary use of this Ankle Brachial Index kit is to identify blockages in the legs and feet (caused by PAD) that might have resulted in open sores or wounds. For this, the assessment is conducted before the wound is fully bandaged.  

How does testing work? It doesn’t differ much from the norm. A specialist is required for the product to be handled properly. With the procedure starting with the cuffs (which are attached to the arms and the ankles.) Once the patient has been fitted with the blood pressure cuffs, the actual testing can proceed with the use of the accompanying DMX probe (which displays both heart rate and PVR on the built-in monitor.) 

When testing is completed, reports can be transferred to the DR5 Lite Software — to be archived, reviewed, or printed at a later date.  

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Software Used 

Although this peripheral doppler is handheld, it does offer compatibility with a reporting software. In that, you can transfer recorded PVR and heart rate for archiving reasons (or for printing out and reviewing at a later date. 

The software included in this kit is the DR5 Lite Software package.  

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Peripheral Doppler / Portable / with Sphygmomanometer / ABI Review 

Overall, there is not much bad to say about the Peripheral Doppler / Portable / with Sphygmomanometer / ABI arterial kit that Huntleigh put together. At the very least, it will work. The added monitor and the sleek build is definitely a plus, and the only complaint we really have is on the technology that they ended up using (which, although tested and proven to work, is a bit behind when it comes to recent advancements made in ABI technology.)  

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Technical Specifications 

  • DMX Doppler with Built-in Monitor Display 
  • EZ8XS Wide beam 8MHz Doppler Probe 
  • VP5XS Doppler Probe  
  • Latex-Free Arm/Ankle Cuffs 
  • DR5 Lite Software Package 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Peripheral Doppler / Portable / with Sphygmomanometer / ABI System.  


  • The primary advantage that this peripheral doppler device has over other handheld ABI devices is the fact that it is portable.  
  • Huntleigh has also made sure to up the quality of their build with the DMX doppler that they included in this kit (which is equipped with a sleek monitor that displays heart rate and PVR waveforms.)  
  • As for its testing capabilities, it can be used to perform basic ABI examinations — with the included doppler probes and ankle/arm cuffs.  
  • Bonus features also include a recharger kit and a reporting software that will allow you to store, review, and print out recorded reports.  


  • One cannot say that this peripheral doppler from Huntleigh is a bad product. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it still loses over the more automated machines these days (which are fully automated and capable of calculating results in under a couple of minutes!) 

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