Nicolet VersaLab SE Vascular SPG ABI Review

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The best ABI system from Nicolet Versalab is the SE Vascular SPG ABI. The system is effective in performing tests that are basically vascular. Inducing the technology of spectral analysis, the machine is responsible for screening PAD. Nicolet VersaLab SE Vascular SPG ABI Machine Review oscillate around the fact that it is a Doppler device relying upon ultrasound to efficiently track disease in a patient via ABI tests.

The Versalab SE is a portable ABI machine. As the number of Peripheral Artery Diseases is rising, there has been an urgent need for an ABI machine, that incorporates vascular testing to aid the physicians in effectively detecting the disease.


The Versalab help you perform vascular testing anywhere and everywhere. A bi-directional Doppler incorporates a printer that facilitates quick and rapid documentation. To move forward with the ABI vascular machine review, we state the features of the same.

  • Display of larger heart rates and contractions.
  • Operated in line and light in weight.
  • A self-built printer.
  • Alarms that can be configured effectively.
  • Has a long battery life and is durable.
  • User-friendly controls.
  • Markers for clinical events.
  • Plugins that have been color coded.
  • Quick and convenient paper loading.
  • A belting system that does not slips.
  • Heart tones that have explicitly better quality.

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Tests Performed

Detect PAD

The Nicolet versalab SE vascular ABI machine is used to test the presence of peripheral Artery disease in patients exhibiting their symptoms. There has been a significant rise in the number of people suffering from PAD and this has paved ways for designing a product that would be capable of detecting the disease at an earlier stage. Being portable and inducing spectral analysis, the product is capable of viewing comprehensive data pertaining to the several elements of the blood profile.

The machine is effective in rapidly delineating the flow of arteries and quickly pointing out a condition that predicts turbulence. A color display in the ABI machine can detect and state the blood flow quality along with spotting disturbances in blood flow.

ABI exam

Comparison of the systolic blood pressure of arteries and veins of both ankles and arms. For Nicolet Versalab SE Vascular SPG ABI review, the Doppler method is used to hear the sound of flow of blood via a stethoscope, an invasive method for pad screening.


With values of ABI above 0.96, the patient is normal and for values below 0.30, the person is severely suffering from a PAD.

What Kind of Software is used by Nicolet Versalab SE Vascular SPG?

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ABI Vascular Machine Review- Software Used

The product is seen to induce spectral analysis for detecting PAD in patients. The software incorporates an imaging technique that is capable of notifying movements within liquids. The spectral analysis is one where an image is displayed using the ultrasound and the spectrum can graphically depict the velocity flow on the y-axis while the x-axis shows time. The wave of pulse and also the Doppler wave are simultaneously displayed.

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Price of Nicolet Versalab SE Vascular SPG

The antibrachial index machine price is $2360. Putting up the ABI machine on sale, you can expect it range higher. An effective device for detecting PAD is experiencing greater demands.

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The device is highly effective in measuring PAD and better than the traditional machines. The manufacturers suggest that the device takes lesser time than Quantaflo to detect and produce results. The Nicolet Versalab SE Vascular SPG ABI machines undergo a series of steps to detect PAD. A probe is used to send signal of ultrasound and then the results are waited to be printed.

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Technical Specifications 

  • Weight, Main Unit Only: 4.1 lbs (1.69kg)
  •  Dimensions: 12.2″ x 9.1″ x 2.9″ (31 cm x 23 cm x 7.3 cm)
  • Doppler Technology: Continuous Wave (CW) unfocused, both 4 MHz and 8 MHz probes available
  • Battery Type: 7.2v NiMH, 6×4/5A, rechargeable
  • Full Charge Life: 3 hours
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: 50° F – 104° F (10° C – 40° C)
  • Graphics Display: 320 x 240 pixel color or Printer: Thermal, 104mm print width, 832 dots, 8 dots/mm
  • Printer Paper: Roll, 82 feet, 112mm wide, thermal (7-year print-out archivability)
  •  Print Speed: 12.5 mm/second
  •  Timescales: 7.5, 15, 25 mm/second
  •  Speakers: (2) 66 mm 8 ohm, 0.5 watts
  •  Audio Output: 0.5 watts per channel
  •  Headset: 3.5 mm jack, 32 ohm
  •  Spectral Response: 200 Hz – 10 KHz FFT (Fast Fourier Transform): 256 points, 10 msec Hamming window
  • Recharger, INPUT: 100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Model WSL170M
  •  Charger, OUTPUT: 7vDC @ 3.5 A, Model WSL170M
  • Safety Standards: IEC 601-1
  • Classified as an equipment powered Internally/Externally
  • Classified as Protection Against the Type B Electric Shock

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Pros and Cons

  • Measure the blood flow disturbances.
  • Review the components of the blood profile.
  • Spectral analysis for better display.
  • The built-in printer makes it portable
  • Quick documentation of the blood flow quality.
  • Distinguishes signal of arteries and veins.
  • Portable with a crisp and clear sound of Doppler.
  • Versatile as well as economical.
  • Induces both 4 and 8 MHz frequency to operate bi-directionally.
  • A tilt stands to mount the device for better measurement across all angles.

  • There are no such cons to state in the Nicolet Versalab SE Vascular SPG ABI review. The device is highly effective in detecting and screening PAD. Though the Nicolet Versalab SE Vascular SPG ABI machine takes lesser time for detection and screening of pad than in like traditional methods yet the time can be further reduced to enhance its efficiency. Manufacturer are working on that to update the device and make it more convenient for screening PAD.
  • Also the fact that the technique is easy to employ, yet reading the measurements necessitate the need for experts or professionals. A highly skilled and trained personnel only is capable of reading and notifying the best results. The screen shows multiple readings and which is best can only be known if you gain expertise in that field.


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