Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine Review

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Studies indicate that incidence of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is increasing, and with it, there is a growing need for vascular testing like the Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) test to assist physicians in the detection of the disease. As with many other conditions, the earlier the PAD can be diagnosed, the more effective the treatment can be.

To meet the increasing need for testing, new models of ABI machines, which is essentially a 50-plus-year-old technology, are constantly being introduced by various companies. As electronics have become increasingly miniaturized, so to have Portable ABI Machines. While these newer machines have adopted more user-friendly features, accurate results with all ABI Machines, which are useful to physicians in diagnosing PAD, still depend on highly-trained and experienced vascular technician operators.

One of the latest entries in the line-up of ABI Vascular Machines is the Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine from Nicolar Vascular and is the result of the collaboration between four organizations – Nicolet Vascular, Nicolet Biomedical, Grason-Stadler, and Toennies. This system has gained some popularity in the marketplace.

So, in this blog, we are going to conduct the ABI Vascular Machine Review, by considering the attributes of Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine, and find out whether it really stands up to its mark, or not.

Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine: Main Features and Functionality

Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine is a Doppler device, which means that it relies on ultrasound to measure the ABI in patients. A probe is used to send the blood flow readings from the brachial, ankle and toes to the main unit, which then, shows the data on its display. Using a simple waveform, the instrument detects the mean blood flow profile, and then, produces results.

Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine comprises of a sound inducer unit (4 MHz/ 8 MHz) with a bidirectional display, a sphygmomanometer, and a probe. The device also has an inbuilt printer, because of which, the users are able to generate instant results in the form of printouts.

The combination of a display and a printer that is offered by Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine is unusual in this line of products. The benefit of having both in the system is that it allows the user to review the reading before printing it out. Also, the display has a unique image scrolling feature, which simplifies choosing the ideal waveform that represents the condition of the patient.

Nicolet Versalab Le Vascular SPG ABI Machine is a Portable ABI Machine

Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine includes a tilt stand to allow mounting on the wall. Or, you can put it on the desk, due to its desk stability feature.

At a weight of just over 4 pounds, this system can be transported to the patient bedside, either handheld or on a rolling stand. The device can be connected directly to 120V power or used via battery power, which lasts up to three hours.

Comparison between Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine and Nicolet Versalab SE Vascular SPG ABI Machine

Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine, however, is not as sophisticated as Nicolet Versalab SE Vascular SPG ABI Machine, which is considered more effective and efficient at detecting conditions like turbulence in the flow of blood. The latter one is capable of reading and displaying all aspects of blood circulation, which includes comprehending the difference between arterial and venous blood flow.

Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine Review | ABI Vascular Machine Review

Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine is definitely an improvement in the line of traditional ABI Vascular Machines, however, when compared to newer PAD detection technologies, it still falls short on certain features. The manufacturers claim that in comparison to other ABI Machines, Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine consumes a lesser amount of time to carry out the tests and produce the results. However, the process is still more time taking than other newer technologies available.

For an instance, while latest ABI Machines like that of QuantaFlo™ tests ABI by simply attaching a sensor on patient’s fingers and toes, and letting the software produce the results, Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine does it by following a series of steps. The steps include the use of a probe to send ultrasound signals through brachial and ankles, waiting for the appropriate readings to appear on the bidirectional display, and finally, printing the result.

Also, despite the fact that the company claims that the system is easy to use and that the tests can be carried out by anyone, it requires an individual to be specially trained to understand and use the machine. All conventional ABI testing, such as with this system, should be conducted by a certified and trained physician or vascular technician. While easy to use, the procedure of doing the ABI test and producing and analyzing correct results requires expertise.

In the context of results, Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine displays multiple readings on its bidirectional screen, and it is up to the user to determine which reading, considering the patient, is appropriate to be printed as the result. Its accuracy, therefore, depends largely on the user, and so, it is significant for the machine to be operated by an experienced physician who understands the vascular testing system.

One of the features of the latest ABI Vascular Machines have is that they are designed keeping the patient’s comfort in mind. They ensure that the results are produced with minimum body contact and strain to the blood vessels. Because of the use of peripherals like brachial and ankle cuffs, probes, gels and so on, the traditional ABI testing systems were a source of discomfort for the patients. Now, despite all the improvements, the testing process with Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine is similar to that of traditional systems, and so, many patients might feel a certain level of discomfort, during the process.

To conclude this ABI Machine Review Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine with all its attractive features is definitely one of the most superior products in the class of traditional ABI testing Systems. However, if features like ease of use, comfort, accuracy and time consumption, during the testing process, are to be evaluated, there are so many other products out there, the newer and latest technologies, which can easily surpass Nicolet Versalab LE Vascular SPG ABI Machine.

Traditional ABI Machines vs. QuantaFlo

While portable and fairly easy to use, traditional ABI machines such as this one still fall short of newer technology for PAD detection, such as the QuantaFlo™ System from Semler Scientific. The QuantaFlo System is portable, runs off power or batteries and has been shown to be more accurate than traditional ABI testing. In addition, no special training is required to operate this system, there is no patient discomfort as there sometimes is with ABI, and test results are available in just a few minutes.

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