Nicolet Elite 100 Doppler Non-Digital Display 

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Nicolet is well-known for its Ultrasound Doppler technology, and the Nicolet Elite 100 Doppler, with a Non-Digital Display, is one of their older releases. This device, as you can probably determine from the name, is a handheld Doppler device for the manual assessment of Peripheral Arterial Disease, Venous blood flow, and Fetal heartbeat.  


This Non-Digital version of the Nicolet Elite is, as mentioned, a bit older than some of Nicolet Labs’ releases. It was made very specifically for simple and manual vascular examinations.  

  • Much like most handheld Dopplers, the ELITE 100 comes with clear and static-free audio from the probe to its built-in-speakers.
  • The probes are not interchangeable; however, you do have the option of choosing one doppler from the other — be it a fetal doppler or a vascular doppler. 
  • If you want to use the ELITE 100 as a fetal heartbeat device, then you should know that it is only available in waterproof-form as a 2MHz probe.  
  • For vascular examinations, you can purchase a system with their a 5Mhz or 8Mhz attachment probe.  
  • Uses standard, alkaline batteries. An automatic off feature is also available for saving battery.  
  • Lastly, as a handheld device, you do get to enjoy the compact and highly portable size (with the ELITE 100 weighing at around 9.31 oz.)  

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Tests Performed 

There’s not much to be said about the Nicolet Elite 100 Doppler’s testing capabilities. Of course, just like any handheld doppler can, it is compatible with vascular examinations — the traditional kind. Which would involve having to request the patient to rest at least for 5-20 minutes on their back, so that you can get accurate readings when you manually conduct the required dual-ankle readings.  

As a bonus, the ELITE 100 also doubles as a fetal heartbeat doppler. Although you need to purchase a separate configuration of the device, with the waterproof 2MHz probe attachment, to do so (as Nicolet doesn’t offer interchangeable probes with the ELITE 100.)  

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Nicolet Elite 100 Doppler Non-Digital Display Review 

If what you’re looking for is a basic handheld doppler, then you do get that with the ELITE 100. However, it should also be said that there are tons of alternatives out there that offer much more advanced features. In fact, in the Nicolet Elite line itself, there are newer models of this very same Doppler that has the interchangeable probes and digital display — both of which can greatly increase testing efficiency.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Built-in Speakers 
  • Available in 5MHz and 8MHz vascular doppler configurations 
  • Waterproof 2MHz probe configuration also available 
  • Standard Alkaline Batteries 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Nicolet Elite 100 Doppler Non-Digital Display System.  


  • The Nicolet Elite 100 is a highly compact handheld Doppler device. At around 9.31oz in weight, it can be carried around and brought basically everywhere. 
  • It also comes in different builds and configurations that will allow you some flexibility in terms of probe frequency (5MHz, 8MHz, and 2MHz versions are available — the only waterproof probe is the 2MHz probe.)  
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries (just regular alkaline ones.) However, it does have an automatic switch-off feature that should hopefully prolong battery life.  


  • Although the Elite 100 is a functioning Doppler probe, it’s actually very limited. In fact, as we mentioned previously, there are handheld Doppler probes in the Nicolet line that are roughly the same price (and yet offer so much more features — be it an actual display, or the ability to replace probe heads rather than having to purchase multiple versions of the same device.)  
  • Not only is it outdated in the standard sense, one could argue that Doppler technology, overall, is outdated technology. It leaves too much opportunity for human error — which is an unnecessary risk now that there are automated vascular machines that can be used to almost instantaneously calculate ABPI readings.  

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