Newman Medical ABI 300 Basic ABI Testing W/ PVR PACKAGE Review  

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The Newman Medical ABI 300 Basic ABI Testing system is both effective and cost-efficient. It comes with an additional PVR package for testing flexibility and is equipped with accessories and features that allow for the easy analysis of waveforms.  

It was made very simple, that we know for certain, but how does it compare to other ABI systems built for the same purpose? Learn more about that below. 


As is said in its own name, the Newman Medical ABI 300 is a basic ABI testing system. So, even with the additional PVR package, it cannot be expected to be the most advanced ABI system in the market. However, Newman Medical still made sure to pack as much as they can in this small pocket device. Including the following features:  

  • Automatic Index Calculation is one of the most prominent features offered by the ABI 300. It ensures that the device is highly efficient when it comes to making diagnosis 
  • Step-By-Step instructions have also been built-into the device’s systems, allowing for ease of use.  
  • It does not come with its own reporting software, but data can be instantly transferred onto a computer and customized with your facility’s information and logo for documentation and reimbursement purposes.  
  • Testing modalities include the standard Doppler exam (with the included 8 MHz Doppler) and a PVR exam (with the ‘Click & Capture’ instant recording of PVR waveforms.)  

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Tests Performed 

Because of the extra PVR testing package, it is possible to perform both standard ABI exams and PVR exams. This should allow for flexibility in terms of testing. It doesn’t encompass all the possible testing variations available, but it should prove to be more than enough in most cases.  

Efficiency is maximized with the ‘Click & Capture’ feature and made possible with the included accessories and reporting capabilities. It also comes with a standard how-to staff training guide that ensures that it is easy for anyone to learn how to use it.  

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Newman Medical ABI 300 Basic ABI Testing W/ PVR PACKAGE Review 

The Newman Medical ABI 300 Basic ABI Testing system is not going to be winning any awards as the most advanced ABI system in the market. However, it does stand up pretty well when compared to other systems of its size. All in all, it makes a good portable solution for facilities looking for a cost-efficient on-the-go ABI testing system, but it’s missing a lot of advanced features offered by other PC-Based systems.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • 8 MHz Doppler 
  • Customizable Reports 
  • PC-Based System  
  • PVR Testing Package 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Newman Medical ABI 300 Basic ABI Testing W/ PVR PACKAGE System.  


  • Newman Medical built the ABI 300 system to be both portable and effective. It’s definitely not your average ‘PC-Based’ system, but it serves its purpose for facilities looking for a cheap ABI testing solution.  
  • The ABI 300 also comes with more than one ABI testing modality — offering both the more traditional Doppler tests as well as PVR Waveform exams.  
  • Newman Medical has also ensured maximum efficiency with their ‘Click & Capture’ and Automatic Index Calculation features.  
  • Of course, as a PC-based system, the ABI 300 can be connected to a PC where full-page reports of collected results can be stored (or later printed) as needed.  


  • As was mentioned, the ABI 300 is lacking when it comes to certain testing capabilities — even with the included PVR package.  
  • Because of that, it can be considered quite out of date, especially when compared to some of the more modern ABI tech out in the market.  

4.5 Total Score


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