Newman Medical ABI 250 Basic ABI Testing Review  

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As a part of their line of pocket-sized PC-based ABI testing systems, Newman Medical has released the ABI 250 Basic ABI Testing device. It’s not the most advanced system in the line (that honor goes to the Newman Medical ABI 300), but it is definitely more than what you can expect from most handheld devices.  

How does it compare to other ABI devices in the industry? Continue reading to learn more.  


Despite being pocket-sized, Newman Medical has packed as much functionality as they can possibly fit in the ABI 250. These features include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Built-in simpleABI™ System for connecting to a PC — which allows for the automatic calculation of ABI Index and full-page reporting (EMR-compatible.)  
  • Multiple testing modalities — capable of both traditional ABI tests with a doppler probe (8 MHz Doppler probe included) and more advanced PVR tests.  
  • Blood pressure cuffs and Aneroid (manual) included, as well as a carrying case and a user manual for step-by-step instructions.  
  • Instant capture of PVR waveforms that can be viewed through the connected PC, stored in EMR records, or printed with a standard printer. 

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Tests Performed 

Because it was built to be connected to PCs, the ABI 250 is capable of more than just the regular ABI tests — it’s capable of PVR testing as well (no built-in monitor, but upon connecting to a PC, PVR waveforms can be analyzed.)  

To expedite the testing process, the Newman Medical is capable of automatic Index calculation. However, unlike its more advanced cousin (the ABI 300) it is completely manual with regular blood pressure cuffs and a manual aneroid. This makes the ABI 250 cheaper, but also considerably less efficient.  

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Software Used 

The ABI 250 can be connected to a PC using the simpleABI™ system. Which, as mentioned, allows for the automatic calculation of a patient’s ABI Index Score. It’s also useful for creating full-page reports of the results (which can be stored in your facility’s EMR records and printed for documentation or reimbursement purposes.)  

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Newman Medical ABI 250 Basic ABI Testing Review 

All in all, we can conclude that the Newman Medical ABI 250 Testing system is effective but incredibly simple. It’s a great solution for facilities looking for such qualities, perhaps for an on-the-go testing device, but it is definitely not what can be considered a top-of-the-line product.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • simpleABI™ Software 
  • 8 MHz Doppler Probe 
  • PVR Modality 
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs Plus Manual Aneroid 
  • Carrying Case (soft)  
  • User Manual 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Newman Medical ABI 250 Basic ABI Testing System.  


  • It’s one of the most portable PC-based systems out there — made very specifically for facilities who require a mobile ABI testing system (which can prove useful for testing patients who have poor mobility.  
  • The simpleABI™ software built-in for connecting to a PC makes it very easy to analyze PVR waveforms, calculate ABI Index, and create full-page reports of exam results. 


  • Compared to the ABI 300 (from the same line), the ABI 250 is considerably less-efficient. If only because it’s lacking the more advanced accessories. 
  • Its use of dated Doppler tech also sets it back when it comes to more modern ABI testing machines out there.  

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