Newman Handheld Vascular Doppler Ultrasound DigiDop 700

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Newman’s Handheld Vascular Doppler, the DigiDop 700, is a handheld doppler designed for obstetric ultrasounds and vascular testing. It’s a part of a larger line of pocket dopplers, created with Newman’s patented depth-extension technology — allowing the instrument to amplify fetal or vascular sounds whilst making sure to dull down unnecessary background noise.

There’s no denying that it was made to be good quality, and other pocket dopplers in the line have proven to be just that. But, how exactly does it compare with other ABI systems? Let’s find out.


The DigiDop 700, to no surprise, is much like most pocket dopplers out there. It’s small, efficient, and perfect for on-the-go examinations or for smaller practices. It’s also a lot cheaper than some of the other Dopplers available in the market. Surprising, seeing as it offers the following features:

  • As mentioned, this DigiDop Doppler uses patented depth-extension technology, called ‘Digital Optimized Processing’ (DOP) in order to amplify the sounds during a fetal or vascular examination.
  • Much like other Dopplers in the line, it also provides probe interchangeability — and it’s compatible with the entire range of Newman’s vascular and fetal probes.
  • Lastly, a micro-monitor display has been included in the build, along with their ‘Smart Recharge System,’ and speakers.

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Tests Performed

As a pocket doppler, the DigiDop 700 is not meant for complex examinations. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for basic single-level ABI exams. With the proper probe head (either the 5 MHz or 8 MHz probe), vascular examinations can be performed in the traditional and manual way.

Of course, the DigiDop 700 is also compatible with certain probe heads that allow for obstetric ultrasounds, the diagnosis of a fetal heartbeat, and as a hearing aid for live water birthing.

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Newman Handheld Vascular Doppler Ultrasound DigiDop 700 Review

Again, as a pocket doppler, the DigiDop 700 is not meant to be complex. And, it isn’t. Newman has managed to produce a long line of reliable vascular dopplers for years and that hasn’t changed with this particular model. In the end, what’s important is that using the DigiDop 700 can lead to a job well done, at least, in the hands of a professional.

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Technical Specifications

  • Digital Optimized Process Technology
  • Built-in Micro-Monitor
  • Interchangeable Probes
  • Rechargeable Batteries

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Pros and Cons

A list of pros and cons of the Newman Handheld Vascular Doppler Ultrasound DigiDop 700 System.


  • The DigiDop makes for a great portable solution. Not just because of its compact size, but because of the increased functionalities offered by the interchangeable probes and the rechargeable batteries.
  • At present, it is one of the newest in Newman’s line of DigiDop dopplers — a feature present in the sleek but sturdy build.
  • Newman’s patented DOP technology makes the testing process a whole lot easier as well, which is a convenience that one cannot take for granted when using Doppler technology.


  • There is no denying that the DigiDop 700 makes for a great pocket doppler. However, that’s as far as its usefulness goes. It’s still very limited in terms of actual testing and is very much stuck in the traditional and manual method that just can’t compete with the more automated systems out there.

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