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This MESI review will be introducing an automated ABI machine that uses oscillometry and volume plethysmography to accurately calculate a patient’s Ankle-Brachial Index. With its unique algorithm, results can be calculated in 1 minute, making it one of the most efficient ABI testing machines out in the market.  


Unlike the traditional manual method of using a Doppler probe, this device uses a unique algorithm in order to automatically measure both left and right ankle-brachial pressures. This key feature allows for highly accurate ABPI results. Other features of this machine include: 

  • 1-minute calculation of brachial blood pressure and ABPI Results;
  • Automated dual-ankle ABPI;  
  • Unique algorithm for automatically calculating ankle blood pressure;
  • Simultaneous 3-cuff measurements that makes rest-time unnecessary; 
  • Risk-free measurements that ensure zero human error; 
  • Improved error-detection system for preventing false positive or negative readings; 
  • Highly sensitive sensors for accurately detecting PVR; 
  • MESIResult software that provides user-friendly documentation of results, which can be saved and later printed.  

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Tests Performed 

The MESI ABPI MD is highly user-friendly. Everything needed for an ABI exam is provided in its system bundle. That includes blood pressure cuffs with sensors that can automatically collect pulse volume waveform readings (PVR.) Upon the collection of PVR, a unique algorithm built-into the system will automatically parse through the available information. This, combined with the built-in error detection system, ensures that all results are 100% accurate — with almost zero percent chance of false positive or negative ABI readings. 

As for the collection of data itself, one thing of note that separates the MESI from other similar machines, is its allowance for simultaneous three-cuff measurement. Which negates the need for the patient to rest prior to the exam, saving the practice and the patient time.  

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Software Used 

The MESI system comes equipped with a recording software called MESIResult. This system compiles user-friendly reports that can be saved to a PC or printed as documentation for reimbursement.  

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MESI Review 

The MESI system is a highly capable machine. It’s perfect for practices looking for a system that can be handled with minimal training, as the system is able to do most of the work on its own. Largely, in thanks of its use of oscillometry and volume plethysmography, which ultimately removes any need for manual collection and calculation of data. 

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Technical Specifications 

  • MESI ABPI Main Unit 
  • (3) Blood Pressure Cuffs with built-in sensors 
  • MESIResult Reporting Software 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the MESI System.  

  • The MESI System can almost-instantly calculate results using a unique algorithm based on oscillometry and volume plethysmography.  
  • Results are collected using blood pressure cuffs with built-in sensors.  
  • Said blood pressure cuffs allow simultaneous blood pressure measurement, which negates the usual rest requirement prior to an examination.  
  • The cuffs are also fully capable of collecting stand-alone measurement of brachial blood pressure and heart rate, which means that it can screen patients for possible cardiovascular risks.  
  • Finally, with the included MESIResult software, reports can easily be exported to be saved or printed as needed for documentation of results.  

  • There is nothing much about the MESI ABPI MD that can be considered a con. The only thing that might be important to note is the price of one of these machines, which – because of its use of modern ABI technology – can be a bit of an investment.  

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