KOVEN DVM-4500 Volume Flowmeter Review 

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The KOVEN DVM-4500 volume flowmeter is a system that is not something you’re likely to have seen elsewhere. It comes with unique bayonet-styled probes that allow for incredibly accurate blood flow assessments during Vascular, Cardiothoracic, or Transplant Surgery. 


The DVM-4500 is equipped with incredibly advanced vascular testing equipment that allows for the assessment of blood flow during complex surgeries in a way that is guaranteed to be both safe and easy-to-use. 

  • This volume flow meter is characterized by its thin bayonet-styled probes that offer the flexibility required to easily, and safely, access the arteries. 
  • Analysis can be performed easily with the use of the large, color, touchscreen monitor. 
  • The system also provides memory storage that is capable of storing up to 30 unique waveforms — which can easily be exported into PDF and DICOM files. 
  • Comes with an intraoperative probe selection that guarantees to be autoclavable and pre-sterile for safe surgical use. 

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Tests Performed 

KOVEN created this system for surgical use — hence the thin bayonet-probe heads (designed to be vessel-size in diameter to ensure accurate flow assessments.) In application, this volumetric blood flow assessment system was created for flow assessments during Vascular, Cardiothoracic, or Transplant Surgery. 

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Software Used 

The DVM-4500 comes with an easy-to-use reporting software that allows for the easy exportation of collected waveform results into PDF or DICOM compatible files. 

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KOVEN DVM-4500 Volume Flowmeter Review 

The KOVEN DVM-4500 volume flowmeter was designed for a very specific use. That makes it difficult to quantify in the world of vascular testing systems. In its field, it’s definitely something to look forward to, but its limitations should be noted if you’re looking for a machine that is more multipurpose. 

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Technical Specifications 

  • Main Monitoring System 
  • 10-inches Touchscreen Monitor 
  • Selection of Intraoperative Probe Heads 
  • Autoclavable Probe Heads (Single-Use) 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the KOVEN DVM-4500 Volume Flowmeter System.  


  • KOVEN has made sure to guarantee that the DVM-4500 is 100% safe and surgery-ready by providing a selection of pre-sterile attachments meant to be used for intraoperative flow testing. 
  • The large touchscreen monitor allows for both easy testing and easy analysis of recorded waveforms.  
  • Memory storage allows up to 30 unique waveforms to be saved into the system before you will have to export them into reports in PDF or DICOM compatible files. 


  • As was mentioned in the conclusion, the DVM-4500 was created for a very specific use. That means that it cannot and should not be used in certain applications.  

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