Hokanson Portable ABI Kit Review

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Hokanson is a well-known manufacturer of vascular systems. They have been in the market long enough to have produced a variety of instruments into sets for maximum convenience. Their Hokanson Portable ABI Kit is what we’re going to be talking about today.

It comes with their MD6 Doppler and their MD6VR Chart Recorder for printing pulse volume waveforms. How does it compare to other ABI kits in the market? More information on that below.


As a kit made for maximum convenience, Hokanson has made sure to include only the necessities in this particular set. Such features include the following:

  • As mentioned, the Hokanson Portable ABI Kit includes a sensitive MD6 Doppler for detecting venous blood flow.
  • An MD6VR Chart Recorder has also been included in order to record reported waveforms from the compatible MD6 doppler.
  • Hokanson has also included segmental blood pressure cuffs (for arms and ankles) and a sphygmomanometer (DS400 Aneroid) for manually inflating and deflating said cuffs.
  • To complete the set, a carrying case has been included with purchase in order to allow for on-the-go ABI examinations of patients with poor lower extremity mobility.

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Tests Performed

As a doppler kit, this set can be used in order to perform ABI tests. It’s sensitive, bi-directional, and perfect for the calculation of a patient’s Ankle Brachial Index score. Of course, the process of using this set is completely manual, that includes the set-up and the calculations, but it doesn’t stray far from what is often considered a traditional ABI test.

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Hokanson Portable ABI Kit Review

Despite the curated set of instruments, what you’re getting with this portable ABI kit is pretty basic. It does provide all that is needed for a proper ABI test — there’s no denying that a lot can be done with the MD6 doppler and the MD6VR chart recorder, but it’s still a little bit behind in terms of technology.

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Technical Specifications

  • MD6 Doppler Probe
  • MD6VR Chart Recorder/Printer
  • D400 Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs (Ankle/Arms)
  • Small Carrying Case

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Pros and Cons

A list of pros and cons of the Hokanson Portable ABI Kit System.


  • Hokanson has provided all the necessary instruments required to perform an ABI test, including the doppler, the chart recorder, the sphygmomanometer, and the blood pressure cuffs.
  • The kit is also completely portable, especially with the carrying case, which is convenient for the care of patients with mobility issues.


  • Convenient as the portability of the whole system might be, it is still a very basic It might be useful for on-the-go examinations, but there are definitely better solutions out there if you’re looking for something more efficient.

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