Hadeco Handheld Doppler Bidop 7 Review  

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Hadeco is another one of those companies that has continuously produced doppler technology over the years. Their handheld doppler, the Bidop 7, is one of their simpler devices. It was quite groundbreaking during its timebut it is now considerably aged compared to some of their newer products, especially with the explosion of new tech related to vascular testing. 


The Bidop 7 is a handheld doppler system, that’s slightly larger than what is considered average in ‘pocket’ doppler technology these days. The size is a sign of its use of some of the more advanced doppler tech available for handheld dopplers that were created during its time. 

  • Bi-directional doppler fitted with a large LCD monitor for monitoring recorded waveforms. 
  • Hi-fi speakers built-in for quality readings of heartbeat. 
  • Snap-lock probe connector for easy insertion and removal of probe head attachments. 
  • Memory and USB interface capable of storing up to 30 unique waveforms. 
  • Accessories include an Ni-MH pack of rechargeable batteries, an AC adaptor, and an optional PPG probe for TBI testing. 
  • (Optional Compatibility) with the Smart-V-Link for Windows.  

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Tests Performed 

Much like most handheld dopplers, the Bidop 7 is capable of single level bi-directional ABI exams — which is useful in the acquisition of pulse volume waveforms for calculating a person’s ABI index score. You can also order your kit with an additional PPG probe if you’d like to use its PPG-BP mode for TBI testing. 

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Software Used 

Much like most Hadeco products, the Bidop 7 is compatible with the Smart-V-Link software, allowing you to easily connect with a PC for the calculation of PVR waveforms. 

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Hadeco Handheld Doppler Bidop 7 Review 

The Hadeco Handheld Doppler Bidop 7 may not be the best ‘pocket’ doppler device available in the market these days, but it was incredibly impressive during its initial launch. Even now, it is capable of a lot more than some of the other handheld ABI systems out there, especially with the option for TBI testing with the optional PPG probe and PPG-BP mode modality. 

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Technical Specifications 

  • Large Color Monitor 
  • Bidirectional Doppler Probe 
  • Snap-Lock Probe Connector 
  • Interchangeable Probe Head Attachments 
  • Compatible with Smart-V-Link 
  • (Optional) PPG Probe 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Hadeco Handheld Doppler Bidop 7 System.  


  • Capable of single-level ABI exams with the included bidirectional probe (interchangeable probe heads also included along with a convenient snap-lock probe head connector.) 
  • TBI testing possible with PPG probe attachment and included PPG-BP testing modality. 
  • Analysis is easy with the included LCD monitor display and compatibility with the Smart-V-Link Windows software. 


  • The Bidop is a great entry-level ABI testing device, but when compared to some of the larger or newer testing systems (even in Hadeco’s line of products) it’s quite limited when it comes to actual testing capabilities. 

4.5 Total Score


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