ES-100X MiniDop® Doppler Review

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A pocket Doppler Machine having more than 40% efficiency with excellent sound and engaged operation for controlling volume.

A portable doppler that is highly efficient in detecting in PAD and induces the mechanism of the Anti Brachial Index to find the same. Let’s read further for the ES-100X MiniDop® Doppler Review.


  •  Fully compact and induced operation that works via battery.
  • An array of style for the probes that are both interchangeable and intraoperative.
  • Employs methods of sterilization for enhanced flexibility.
  • Portable and light in weight.
  • Remote for foot pedal and Doppler roller cart ensures convenient surgical operation.
  • Both noninvasive and surgical probes available.
  • Presence of autoclavable probes.

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Tests Performed

A portable ABI machine, Koven Doppler undertakes the method of Doppler ultrasound. The machine is capable of performing the following tests.

  • Pedal Pulses
  • Distal Pulses
  • Venous Compression
  • Peripheral Vascular Procedure
  • Venous Compression

 All of the above are the various tests performed by the Doppler machine. However, the major application of the ES-100X MiniDop Doppler is in detecting PAD and performing the Anti Brachial Index. Let’s know a little more about the tests.

One of the most common studies is the detection of PAD via ABI. The above utilized the method of ultrasound Doppler to find the ratio between the pressure of the arms and the ankles in the patient suffering from PAD.

Bidirectional Doppler methods ensure reimburse of the ABI. The method of Anti Brachial Index can be effectively performed by putting the patient in a condition of supine. Pressure cuffs are further tied to both the arms and ankles of the patient.

Utilizing Doppler of ultrasound, the arm, and the dorsal pedis along with the posterior tibial pressure can be effectively noted for both the legs via inflation of the pressure cuffs until the sound of the Doppler settles and further deflated the same to hear the sound again.

The Anti Brachial Index is calculated by measuring the ratio between the systolic pressure of the ankle vs the systolic pressure of the arms.

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Revealing The Ratings

If the ABI is more than 1.40 then it is non-compressible. For ABI ranging between 1 and 1.40, the person is normal. Between 0.99 and 0.90, the person is on the borderline of the disease and below 0.90, the state is abnormal.

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Software Used

An effective Doppler Machine that used the software of PAUS-SVL. A software used for application purposes and is used to flow the files of DICOM as created by the vascular software of Koven to the server of compliance. Along with this, an interface in terms of a folder or a window.

As soon as the setup is over, in order to flow the files of DICOM as created by you to the compatible system as PACS, the same works in the background.

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An efficient Doppler machine used for testing the ABI for detecting PAD is priced at a range of INR 50,000 per unit. You can buy the same form several e-commerce websites such as India mart or Alibaba. Depending upon your location, you might be charged extra for shipping.
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Research Design and Methods

The MinIDOP Doppler is designed to gain insights about the information of blood flow to the arteries via the method of ultrasound. A dedicated frequency is passed on to the patient via the probe.

Considering the technicality of the machine, the high-frequency output is amplified by the transceiver and sent to the transducer. The voltage is then translated to the ultrasound via a piezoelectric crystal.

Now the beam of the ultrasound is further sent to the blood vessels via the artery or the heart of fetal. The beam of ultrasound is further depicted by the RBCs or through moving cells and further accepted by a crystal inside the transducer that is responsible for the conversion of ultrasound to the required voltage.

This produces a shift in doppler between emitting and receiving the beam of ultrasound..

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Technical Specifications

  • Both bi-directional and multi frequency 5,8,10 MHz Doppler
  • A speaker with an output of 300 MW.
  • Power from DC9V
  • Alkaline battery
  • Conformance to IEC 60601-1
  • Dedicated Software to prepare the report of the patient.

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Pros and Cons

Here’s a list of key pros and cons of ES-100X MiniDop® Doppler Machine

  • Handheld
  • Portable
  • Effectively detects the heart rate of the fetal.
  • Also efficient in detecting the flow in blood via arteries or veins.

  • A thin probe requires immense care.
  • A designated battery that should not be used with any other Doppler device.
  • Low effective battery.

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