EDAN Sonotrax Ultrasonic Monitor, Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Review 

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The EDAN Sonotrax Ultrasonic Monitor, Fetal Doppler Baby Heart is one of the eldest devices in EDAN’s Sonotrax line. Because of that, it is far cheaper than its counterparts and the slightest bit less advanced when it comes to features and accessories. Continue reading to learn how it compares to other handheld dopplers in the market (including the other devices on the EDAN Sonotrax line.)  


As mentioned, this version of the EDAN Sonotrax is a bit older than the others available in the market. However, there are some that might still prefer it because of its cheap price. Especially when you consider the differences between one handheld device and the other.  

  • Small and Portable, with interchangeable probe attachments feature 
  • Compatible with waterproof Fetal Heartbeat (FHR) probes — 2MHz and 3 MHz probe 
  • Compatible with vascular probes for ABI analysis — 4 MHz, 5MHz, and 8MHz probe  
  • Clear Audio output through built-in speakers 
  • Built-in recorder feature for listening back to pulse waveforms 
  • Auto off/on setting for saving battery life (battery is rechargeable) 

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Tests Performed 

Outside of the usual single-level ABI exam, the EDAN Sonotrax Ultrasonic Monitor is not capable of very much. However, that is normal for most handheld dopplers.  

The process of using the EDAN Sonotrax follows the traditional method of manual dual-ankle assessments as well. Where the patient would have to be rested up to 5-20 minutes prior to the examination. One good feature of the EDAN Sonotrax is the fact that it offers interchangeable probes. As such, it can be used both for studying surface-level blood vessels (8MHz probe) and deeper arteries and blood vessels (4MHz probe.)  

It also comes with a built-in recording feature so that audio-output can be repeated as much as needed — leading to a hopefully far more accurate reading.  

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EDAN Sonotrax Ultrasonic Monitor, Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Review 

In conclusion, this version of the EDAN Sonotrax doesn’t differ much from the others that succeed it. It doesn’t have an earphone jack (for connecting to earphones or an external recorder), however, that’s about as far as the differences go. So, whether that feature is worth the extra money is up to you and the needs of your practice.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Large Backlit Display 
  • Interchangeable Probe Attachment 
  • Built-in Speakers 
  • Rechargeable Batteries 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the EDAN Sonotrax Ultrasonic Monitor, Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Device.  

  • The best feature provided by handheld vascular probes and fetal dopplers like the EDAN Sonotrax is their size and portability. This makes it perfect for on-the-go analysis so that patients who have poor mobility will not need to be moved in order to be assessed using a non-portable machine.  
  • It also comes with interchangeable probes, which allows for flexibility in testing that might have otherwise been unavailable — for analyzing surface level arteries, deeper arteries, and FHR.  
  • Another great feature is the built-in audio output option. With this, a handling physician can double-check their assessment as much as they can, especially if they are hard-of-hearing. 
  • Finally, you also get the extra automatic on and off feature (for saving battery life) and a pair of rechargeable batteries. 

  • This version of the EDAN Sonotrax is older, it doesn’t have the earphone jack that is available with newer versions (which allows its user to connect a pair of earphones or an external recording device.)  
  • It also falls behind in terms of advancements in technology overall. As it is still using the manual Doppler method — which cannot compare to the more automated ABPI machines available out in the market that calculate ABI almost automatically.  

4.5 Total Score


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