Dopplex MD200 Desktop Doppler Review

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Huntleigh is well-known for their ABI sets, and they don’t disappoint with the Dopplex MD200 Desktop Doppler. It’s not the most sophisticated ABI system, but it was created to be a very convenient solution for facilities looking for an ABI testing device that can be taken on-the-go and is cost-efficient enough to be handled as such.  

Learn more about the Dopplex MD200 below.  


The Dopplex MD200 is a tabletop doppler system created for maximum portability. It can be set up anywhere and is capable of withstanding rough-handling thanks to the sturdy material that keeps it closed lidded – ensuring that the main system and its accessories are kept safe.  

  • The device acts as its own hard carrying case.  
  • All the XS High Sensitivity Probes (in the Huntleigh line) are compatible with this system — although said probes must be purchased separately.  
  • When the lid is lifted, the ‘desktop’ is exposed and available for analyzing thdirection of the flow of blood with a compatible bi-directional doppler.  
  • A port has also been built in for connecting the system to a compatible PC to be set up with the DR4 software.  

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Tests Performed 

As mentioned in the beginning, the Dopplex MD200 is not the most sophisticated. It’s capable of the most rudimentary test — a regular ABI exam with a bi-directional doppler, blood pressure cuffs, and a manual aneroid — but that is about it.  

The calculation of ABI Index with this system is fully manual as well — as the DR4 software was really only built for the creation of reports (not the automatic analysis of results.) The most notable testing feature here is the fact that it allows for the interchangeability of probes 

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Software Used 

The software compatible with the Dopplex MD200, the DR4 Software package, does not help with actual tests. However, it is helpful in the creation of reports (for analysis, documentation, etc.)  

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Dopplex MD200 Desktop Doppler Review 

Because of its simple design, the Dopplex MD200 doesn’t rank very high when compared to other ABI devices in the industry. It certainly has its uses, but there ardefinitely other ABI machines out there that offer so much more — not just with testing capabilities but even just with general efficiency and intuitiveness.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Desktop Design (Encased w/ Lid)  
  • Rechargeable Batteries 
  • LCD Monitor (Small)  
  • DR4 Software Package 
  • Hi-Fi Speakers (2)  

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Dopplex MD200 Desktop Doppler System.  


  • There are not many ABI systems out there that are built in such a way — the close-lidded desktop design allows for maximum portability (without the need for an extra case.)  
  • It’s great for analyzing blood flow (through the built-in monitor display) and blood frequency (with the use of bi-directional dopplers.)  
  • The creation of reports for documentation purposes is also made slightly easier with the use of the DR4 Software Package. 


  • The biggest caveat of the MD200 is the fact that it is lacking when it comes to testing capabilities.  
  • Not all accessories are included with purchase (probes of different frequencies must be purchased separately.)  
  • Lastly, the Dopplex MD200 cannot possibly compete with some of the more advanced ABI systems out there — especially when you consider some of the more automated PC-based systems and breakthroughs in ABI technology (like what’s offered by Quantaflo.)

3.5 Total Score


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