Bovie Handheld Dopplers – 3MHz Obstetrical Probe

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Bovie Handheld Doppler is a type of fetal Doppler that is effective in measuring the heartbeat of a fetus. The Bovie AD Hand-held Doppler has a side mount probe holder that is designed to provide ease of grip. As the magnet is kept beneath the outer case and is mostly hidden, it provides an escape from gel formation and facilitates better cleaning. The ergonomic design of the fetal Doppler provides uniform size and helps to hold the device smoothly in your palm.

The Doppler has been designed in a way that provides optimal quality of sound and enables better readings for obstetrical examination. The fetal doppler is found to induce a significant technology namely the DOP, digitally optimized processing. This is a high-end technology that helps conversion of audio signals to video signals. Additionally, it prevents the interference of background noise. Also, the quality of the sound by the fetal Doppler varies by the choice of probe used. The Bovie Handheld Doppler has been designed in such a way that it can last for years owing to the stainless steel appearance and also a case made of polycarbonate.

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ABI System Review: Fetal Doppler

The LCD display of the Bovie Handheld Doppler is made in a way that enables getting readings from various angles and also in varied lighting conditions. The display is so effective that you can take readings in fluorescent lighting as well. Additionally, the device is found to display the battery voltage, an indicator of the signal along with mute and volume notifications.

To add to this, the fetal Doppler induces a smart system of recharging batteries which prevents the overcharging of the same. The batteries that are nonrechargeable are not recharged due to the alkaline batteries, in a way preventing leaks from the battery. You can effectively charge the Doppler by connecting the port to the adapter. Also, the status of the recharge can be notified easily by the LCD, with red being the signal of recharging and green stating full recharge of the doppler.

Considering an inactivity of around 3 minutes, the fetal Doppler shuts itself automatically without notifying the same. The Doppler has 16 setting for volume which can be highly adjusted using a slider located outside at the main unit. Though the Doppler mutes when you lower the volume, yet the same can be effectively heard if you have your headphones connected.

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Probes Of The Bovie Handheld Doppler

As stated the Doppler has two probes, the 2 MHz used for bariatric patients and another being the 3 MHz used for obstetrical examination and the most optimal for the detection of the heartbeat of the infants and the fetus at an early stage of pregnancy and can be used for long-term usage too.

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