Bidop® 3 Vascular Ultrasound Doppler Review

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The Bidop® 3 Vascular Ultrasound Doppler from Hadeco is a handheld vascular testing system meant for the assessment of venous arteries. It’s one of Hadeco’s many systems available in the market, perhaps closest to their Smartdop® 45. Which, much like the Bidop 3, is capable of ABI, TBI, PPG, and multi-level vascular studies.   


Despite its size, the Bidop 3 manages to pack a lot of unique features. These features include the following:  

  • A small LCD Monitor that displays real-time reports of collected waveforms. 
  • Unlike the Smartdop 45 (from the same manufacturer), the Bidop 3 does not offer an integrated printer, but up to 30 different waveforms can be recorded in the available memory storage to be viewed or archived as needed.  
  • Smart-V-Link software that can be downloaded and used to export recorded waveforms from the doppler’s memory storage to EHR or DICOM systems.  
  • PPG Probe included with purchase along with PV – module for studying Pulse Volume Waveforms. A traditional flat bidirectional Doppler probe has also been included.  
  • Auto-Gain and Baseline functionalities have been built into the system for maximum efficiency. 

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Tests Performed 

Hadeco has managed to include a variety of testing modules for the Bidop 3. That means, not only is it capable of traditional ABI and TBI studies, PPG modalities have also been included in order to perform PV-Arterial Studies.  

It can also be used for Segmental Pressure Studies, Venous Reflux/Compression, and Carotid Studies with the help of the included accessories and the support of the Smart-V-Link software.  

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Software Used 

Much like most of Hadeco’s vascular testing systems, the Bidop 3 is compatible with the Smart-V-Link software. It also comes with memory storage that can hold up to 30 unique waveform readings. These two features allow for both real-time viewing of data, archiving through EHR/DICOM system, and printing.  

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Bidop® 3 Vascular Ultrasound Doppler Review 

When compared to some of the other Doppler devices in the Smartdop line, there is no denying that the Bidop 3 is one of the most basic (hence its cheap price.) So, all in all, it’s a great option for facilities that are looking for something that is portable and cost efficient, but also wouldn’t mind the lack of automation.    

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Technical Specifications 

  • LCD Monitor 
  • Flat Bidirectional Doppler 
  • Compatibility with Smart-V-Link Software 
  • Memory Storage 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the Bidop® 3 Vascular Ultrasound Doppler System.  


  • The main pros of choosing the Bidop 3 over others is its size. It’s slightly larger than the traditional ‘pocket’ doppler, but it’s still portable enough that it can easily be carried and moved as needed.  
  • Also, as mentioned, despite its size, Hadeco has ensured that the device is very feature-rich by allowing regular ABIs, TBIs, and dipping into PPG studies. 
  • It also comes with the Smart-V-Link software, which can be useful when viewing, storing, and printing recorded waveforms for later analysis and documentation. 


  • The Bidop 3 delivers on its promised efficiency, but it is still a Doppler device. It is not quite on par with the more advanced and automated systems in the market.  

3.5 Total Score


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