Bestman Doppler Vascular Detector BV-650 Review

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The Bestman Doppler Vascular Detector BV-650 is a digital vascular system that detects the status of venous arteries. It’s meant for precision and speed, and it provides multiple modalities for diagnosing ankle systolic pressures and waveforms with the use of bi-directional probes and/or PPG probes.


It is in tabletop form, making the Bestman BV-650 compact enough to fit in a case along with the included PPG probe, doppler probe, and blood pressure cuffs. It’s a little more advanced than your average handheld Doppler but it does fall behind when compared to some of the bigger ABI systems. Its key features include the following:

  • Bi-directional vascular testing with a sensitive doppler probe
  • Collection of Toe-systolic pressures is possible through the pulse volume waveform modality and the PPG probe
  • Complex algorithms are built-into the system in order to automatically calculate the results of segmental studies.
  • Digital system with a monitor for viewing pulse volume waveforms is available (not touchscreen enabled, but buttons are provided for easy one-click testing.)
  • Lastly, it is able to perform seated ABI testing (convenient for patients who have impaired lower extremity mobility.)

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Tests Performed

Much like most ABI systems, the Bestman vascular detector is capable of bi-directional ABI testing. For this, it provides a sensitive doppler probe and blood pressure cuffs. Unlike some ABI systems, however, the BV-650 is also capable of performing TBI testing as well. It does this with the additional PVR modality and the included PPG probe.

Testing with the BV-650 is pretty much what you would expect. Patients are either asked to lay in a supine position or seated for 5-20 minutes. The Doppler probe is then used in order to detect the rate of blood flow in the arteries.

Of course, with the additional PVR modality, tests can be segmented to ensure the most accurate result. In either case, manual application of the probes and cuffs are necessary. However, the calculations of PVR and ABI score is done by the system automatically.

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Bestman Doppler Vascular Detector BV-650 Review

The Bestman BV-650 does work, there’s no doubt about that. The fact that it offers segmental testing, seated ABI, and a very intuitive one-click interface sets it apart from a lot of the more basic ABI machines out there. Of course, it is still a doppler machine, so you won’t get the automated testing provided by some of the smarter systems out there. But it can do in a pinch.

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Technical Specifications

  • Monitor Display
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • Bi-Directional Doppler
  • PPG Probe

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Pros and Cons

A list of pros and cons of the Bestman Doppler Vascular Detector BV-650 System.


  • As a tabletop system, the Bestman BV-650 is both sturdy and portable.
  • More importantly, however, is its ability to perform a variety of vascular testing (through unique modalities, sensitive dopplers, and PPG probes.)
  • It automatically calculates ABI scores as well, with the use of a very simple but accurate algorithm.


  • The Bestman Doppler vascular detector BV-650 is definitely one to look into. However, it falls behind on the technology that some of its competitors use (technology that is able to operate the process entirely — rather than semi-automate it as the BV-650 does.)

3.5 Total Score


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