Summit Doppler Vantage ABI With Cart Review

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One of such machines is Summit Doppler Vantage ABI from Wallach Surgical. Due to its automatic testing feature, it has been gaining quite a popularity among hospitals, clinics, and the medical professionals. So, in this blog, we’re going to conduct an ABI Doppler Vantage Review by looking into its features and functionality.

Every year, more and more cases of PAD (Peripheral Arterial Diseases) are registered in America. Still, it is estimated that altogether 18 million people are suffering from PAD, out of which, only 2 million have the disease diagnosed, and are undergoing treatment. PAD occurs when the blood flow to the lower limbs is interrupted over a period of time. The flow is obstructed mainly due to the contraction of arteries, or because of the deposit of fatty particles in them.

If PAD isn’t diagnosed or treated on time, the patient may suffer from additional, more critical problems like stroke, heart attack, or infection in the legs, resulting in amputation. ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) test is conducted by physicians to determine whether the patient had PAD or not. The ratio of systolic pressure of brachial and ankle is calculated to measure ABI in people. As per the result, further treatment is suggested by the physicians.

There are so many machines available on the market that are used to calculate ABI in patients. Few of them are based on the traditional testing system, while the others are newer technologies. It is important for the tests to be conducted by an experienced medical practitioner, so that there’s no compromise in the reading process, and that the results are accurate.

Summit Doppler Vantage ABI: Features and Functionality

Summit Vantage ABI system has a touchscreen that can be used to input the commands to carry out the ABI test. It has a built-in printer and a USB port for the transfer of the data to other devices.  A USB drive is also provided in the package. The system comes with 4 cuffs, which can be connected to the machine via hoses, which are also offered with the machine. Additional supplements include a rolling stand and a basket. The consumer needs to pay extra for these items.

First, the cuffs are wrapped around each of the two brachial and ankles, and then, hoses are attached to the cuffs that link them to the machine. Start Button on the touch screen is pressed to initiate the examination process. The device inflates the cuffs automatically. As the cuffs deflate, the machine takes all the readings, and in moments, it produces the ABI results on the screen. The operator, now, can either choose to print the result or to save it for transfer to other devices. The user can choose whether the machine must read and print waveform results, along with ABI, or not.

The systolic pressure and PVR waveform, on each brachial and ankle, can also be derived manually. However, the process requires the user to collect the readings of each limb separately. Going through the process manually allows the user to control the pressure limit exerted on each cuff during the reading process. Also, in terms of displaying the systolic pressure, the system clearly indicates if the arteries of the patient at the ankle are incompressible. In such cases, the patient needs to go for TBI (Toe Brachial Index) test, using any ABI TBI Machine.

New Summit Doppler Vantage ABI with Cart is a Handheld Doppler for ABI

Summit Vantage ABI system is available with a rolling stand, using which the operator can easily transport the machine to the patient’s bedside. The machine can also be operated or transferred without the stand, and by doing so, the machine becomes even more portable and lightweight. While separated from the stand, it’s practically a handheld ABI system, like any other Handheld Doppler for ABI like Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI.

ABI Doppler Vantage Review [With Cart ]

Summit Doppler Vantage ABI system is an automatic cuff based ABI testing machine. Though cuff based machines are considered traditional and outdated technology, what makes Summit Doppler Vantage ABI stand apart from its counterparts is it fully automatic ABI testing procedure. It inflates the cuffs, measures the pressure, generates the waveform and calculates the ABI at the click of a single button.

All that the operator has to do is wrap the cuffs around each of the brachial and knees of the patient, tap the button and wait for the machine to display the result. The machine also features a built-in printer, a USB port, and a USB flash drive, so that the operator is able to either print the result or save and transfer it to other devices.

Summit Doppler Vantage ABI Machine is definitely the best in its line of traditional ABI machines, however, in comparison to the newer technologies, it falls short on certain features. The first one among such attributes is the comfort level of the patients. The latest machines are designed to read the pressure and calculate ABI with the minimum amount of body contact with the patient.

The sensors in these devices are attached to just the fingers and the toes, and on the same basis, the ABI is calculated. Since there is minimum contact, the patients’ skin or vessels don’t go through any sort of strain. On the other hand, in the case of Summit Doppler Vantage ABI, cuffs are tied to both the brachial and ankles, causing some level of strain to the vessels. Few patients might feel this entire process to be quite uncomfortable.

From the perspective of time consumption, Summit Doppler Vantage ABI does cut out on a lot of time due to its automatic testing procedure. The total process of reading, calculating and displaying the result requires less than 5 min, which is quite impressive. However, the cuff wrapping and unwrapping process is something that adds an extra fifteen to twenty minutes to the process, making the machine still more time consuming than the rest of the newer technology.

Summit Doppler Vantage ABI is also bulkier than newer technologies, and it is mainly due to the rolling stand that is attached to the device. Though it is claimed that the device can be operated without the rolling stand, it doesn’t seem quite applicable.

To sum up the ABI Doppler Vantage Review, the device with its amazing automatic feature is definitely on top of the line of all its traditional ABI testing counterparts. However, when compared to the newer technologies it’s definitely not the most superior.

Summit Doppler Vantage ABI vs. QuantaFlo PAD Test

QuantaFlo from Semler Scientific, with its portable hardware, advanced software, and automatic features, is the most advanced PAD testing technology available in the market. It is designed keeping the patient’s comfort in mind, and the entire testing process takes less than five minutes, saving both the user and the patient a crucial time. QuantaFlo is definitely the most superior PAD testing technology, as it offers reliable reports at affordable fees. Its simplicity and portability allow anyone to check PAD, at any time and place. That’s the best thing about QuantaFlo.

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