ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-500CL Segmental Testing Review

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The ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-500CL Segmental Testing system is one of the most advanced in the Newman Medical ABI machine line. It offers premium features in the form of automated accessories and segmental testing compatibility for effective diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in the lower extremities.  


The ABI-500CL system is a PC-based ABI testing machine powered by a simpleABI reporting software that is highly intuitive and allows for seamless PAD testing in the form of ABI, TBI, and ABI Segmental Examinations.  

  • Automatically produces results for ABI, TBI, and Segmental Testing
  • A PC-based system that operates with a reporting software that processes full-page reports that can then be displayed onto a computer and printed through a regular office printer 
  • Fundamental ABI testing with 8MHz Doppler device 
  • “Click-and-Capture” PVR Waveforms for review instantly 
  • Remote-Controlled Cuffs: automated inflation, deflation, cuff selection, and calculation with a simple push-button remote controller 

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Tests Performed 

There are a variety of tests that can be performed by this ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine. The basic ABI and TBI testing, and a form of Segmental Testing for identifying PAD in the lower extremities.  

Bi-Lateral ABI Test 

Basic dual-ankle test for diagnosing ABI in persons 60 years and older (or people over the age of 50 with a history of smoking or diabetes.) This test is performed with the 8MHz Doppler and cuffs included in the ABI-500CL system.  

TBI Test 

Brachial Testing performed on a patient’s big toes rather than their ankles. This is conducted to test index in people with incompressible arteries and possible major calcification in the legs and feet.  

Quick PVR Test 

A non-invasive form of ABI testing that produces results in a couple of minutes — with just a regular Doppler instrument and cuffs on-hand.  

Segmental ABI Testing 

An ABI exam conducted at multiple levels. The ABI-500CL allows for three-cuff ABI and TBI testing as well as four-cuff ABI and TBI testing. 

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Software Used 

The simpleABI 500CL reporting software is what processes the results for the ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-500CL Segmental Testing system. This reporting software automatically produces results that can be customized with the logo and information of your practice — for legitimate documentation.   

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Price of ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-500CL 

The cost of an ABI-500CL system ranges from $6,295 – $7,200. This falls at about the mid-range as far as the other machines on its own line costs, but it does offer a lot more in terms of testing flexibility and accessories.  

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For an ABI machine, the ABI-500CL definitely serves its purpose. It can produce near-instantaneous results with a variety of different tests — including basic ABI and TBI testing with the addition of more advanced segmental testing.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Gold Standard 8MHz Doppler  
  • Sensitive 8MHz Doppler Instrument for ABI, TBI, and Segmental ABI testing 
  • simpleABI 500CL Reporting Software 
  • Remote-Control Cuffs with automated features 
  • (Optional) May include a netbook computer for displaying full-page reports 

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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-500CL Segmental Testing from Newman Medical.  

  • Allows for bi-lateral ABI and TBI Testing 
  • Automated results for the more involved Segmental Testing 
  • Reports can be displayed in real-time through a display 
  • Works with standard laptops and external printers 
  • Produces quick and clear results with sensitive Doppler instrument and automated cuffs 

  • The price does not account for the need of a PC (which is an optional purchase) 
  • The system is not fully mobile — no internal printer (an external printer must be connected to print off reports) 
  • Not an Economical Purchase for small practices 
  • Finally, despite the special accessories and features, the ABI-500CL is considered an older machine. It functions on proven but dated technology.  


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