ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL Review

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In the line of ABI Machines reviews, the latest one is ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL by Newman Medical. It has been able to gain a respectable amount of popularity in the marketplace and proven to be quite a competition to its counterparts. In this ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL Review, we’re going to look into the features and functionality of this ABI Machine.

The risk of PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease) among people living in the US is increasing at a very high rate. It is estimated that over 18 million people in the country are suffering from this condition. PAD occurs when the blood flow to the lower limbs is interrupted due to contractions of arteries, or deposits of fatty particles in them. If it is not diagnosed or treated in time, the patient may suffer from stroke, heart attack, or infection in the lower limbs, resulting in amputation.

It is recommended that people above the age of 50, especially if they have a history of diabetes and smoking, must have their health checked for signs of PAD. To evaluate whether the patient has PAD or not, the physicians conduct a test known as ABI (Ankle Brachial Index). The ratio of systolic pressure in the arteries of brachial and that of the ankle is measured, and the resulting number is the patient’s ABI.

Now, though the process of testing for ABI might sound really simple, it’s actually not. There are so many equipment, known generically as ABI Machines, available in the market that is used to calculate ABI in patients. And, it requires a trained and experienced medical practitioner to operate these machines and determine the accurate ABI result.

ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL

ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL comes with 3 Cuffs, a Cuff Link, a remote control for Cuff Link, Simple ABI and TBI Software, 8 MHz Doppler device, and a PPG Probe. Additional peripherals like computer set, roll stand with a basket, wireless printer, carry bag, and DIACOM Plug-in are also offered in the package as supplements, at an added price.

The Cuff Link has 4 ports, all color coded, that connects to 4 different cuffs. The Cuff Link has a built-in 8 MHz Doppler and a PPG Probe connected to it, for readings related to TBI (Toe Brachial Index). With the remote control, the user can perform actions such as selecting the particular cuff, inflating and deflating the opted cuff, transferring the readings on to the computer, capturing the appropriate waveform and printing the result.

The Simple ABI and TBI software, which comes with the package, needs to be installed in the computer for calculating ABI and TBI and determining the result. Also, the DIACOM Plug-in that could be bought as a supplement with ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL can be used to save the ultrasound images in DIACOM format.

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How ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL is operated

First, the cuffs are tied on each of the brachial and the ankles. Then, they are connected to the cufflink. Using the remote control, the cuffs are selected, and the opted cuffs are inflated. The readings are then transferred to the computer, where the user can pick the appropriate waveform to be considered for ABI calculation. Then, the simple ABI software installed in the computer calculates the ABI Index. The user can print out the results through the printer.

In case of vascular complications like that in case of diabetic patients, the probe attached to the cufflink is used to read the blood flow in the arteries of the toes. Then, the ratio of the data from the brachial and the toes is calculated to determine TBI, which serves the same function as the ABI.

Depending on the ABI or TBI results, the physicians determine whether the patient has PAD or not. And accordingly, further steps are taken.

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ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL is a Portable ABI Machine

A carry bag and a roll stand with basket are offered with ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL as additional peripherals. Now, because of the carry bag, it gets quite easy for the user to carry the ABI 400 CL Machine. And the roll stand with basket can easily accommodate the computer, which provides the user the ease to transfer the entire set of equipment to the patients’ bedside. All these features make ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL a very portable ABI machine.

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ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL vs. 600CL

In the line of cufflink based ABI Doppler Machine offered by Newman Medical, the consumers can choose from four of their models. ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL, ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 450CL¸ ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 500CL and ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 600CL. Needless to say that ABI – 600CL is the most advanced model. In comparison to ABI – 400CL, ABI – 600CL provides additional features like multi-level testing and exercise/ stress testing.

With multi-level testing, the physicians are just able to calculate the ABI, but also the level of occlusion in the arteries. Exercise/ Stress testing is performed before and after the exercise on the treadmill. By conducting multilevel testing, and exercise/ stress testing, the physicians can feel more confident about the accuracy of the resulting ABI.

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ABI Doppler Equipment Review

Referring to a lot of ABI Doppler Equipment Review, ABI Machines are judged on the basis of affordability of the test, patient’s comfort, testing speed, the bulkiness of the equipment, and accuracy of the result. The newer ABI testing systems cover all these features better than the traditional ones. In the case of ABI Doppler Machines like Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL, since it follows the traditional ABI testing procedure, fails to live up to all such criteria, when compared to newer technologies.

Altogether, ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL is quite bulky with all its cuffs, cufflink, the wires, the stand, and so on. Also, it takes a lot of time for the physician to set everything up and carry out the testing process. Modern testing systems are quite simple to use, with just the finger/ toe sensors and a laptop. They definitely beat the traditional ones when it comes to speed and bulkiness.

Also, the entire testing system of ABI – 400CL with the cuffs and probe might cause a certain level of discomfort to the patients during the testing process. The modern systems, on the other hand, require the least amount of body contact to produce the result, and they don’t cause any stress to the arteries, making the process more comfortable.

Finally, it’s marketed by the company that anyone, with a certain level of training, can operate the device and conduct the test, which is not true. To use the device and to produce an accurate result, the operator has to be an expert in conducting ABI tests, with past experience in the field of vascular testing.

To conclude ABI Doppler Machine Review, ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL is certainly a better product when compared to others that use the traditional testing system. However, in comparison to the newer technologies, ABI – 400CL proves to be a little outdated and fails to rise as a superior product.

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ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL vs. QuantaFlo PAD Test

Modern PAD testing systems like QuantaFlo from Semler Scientific, unlike the traditional ones like ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI – 400CL, is easier to operate, quite affordable and comfortable to the patients. The entire testing process in QuantaFlo takes a mere 5 min. Also, the results are more accurate, and the system is so handy that the user can take it anywhere, and carry out the tests whenever necessary.


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