ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-400CL Review

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The ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-400CL is mid-tier in Newman Medical’s line of PC-based ABI systems. Similar to the other machines in its own line, the ABI-400CL is able to conduct lower-extremity physiological arterial examinations for diagnosing patients with a risk for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD.)  

What sets this particular ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine apart from the rest is its automated remote-to-cuff capabilities, allowing the attendant to conduct quick and easy examinations with (also automated) full-page reports that can be printed and reviewed for diagnosis.  


The ABI-400CL is a PC-based system that comes with the simpleABI reporting software that provides help maneuvering through exams and produces automated reports for basic ABI and TBI testing. The system is fully integrated and can be connected to a standard PC for a real-time display of full-page reports — which can later be printed through an external printer (not included.)  

  • Produces automated results for basic ABI and TBI testing 
  • PC-based system that works intuitively with the simpleABI reporting software 
  • Accompanying “Gold Standard” 8MHz Doppler 
  • Captures PVR waveforms instantly 
  • Printer-ready reports that can be customized to fit practice information and logo 
  • Cuff Automation properties: automatic inflation, deflation, cuff selection, and calculation with a simple push-button remote control.


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Tests Performed 

The ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-400CL offers two basic forms of lower extremity arterial examinations and a quick PVR test to identify and diagnose any possible obstructions.  

Bi-Lateral ABI Test 

A bi-lateral ABI test is characterized by testing both ankles. Dual-ankle testing is the Gold Standard test for PAD diagnosis. With the ABI-400CL, this test is conducted with the accompanying 8MHz doppler for broadcasting Hi-Fi pulse waveforms and automated blood-pressure cuffs for ease-of-use.  

TBI Test 

If the patient is showing high levels of calcification and large arteries are incompressible, then a TBI test is conducted instead of an ABI. For this, arm and toe pressure are tested to approximate a toe brachial index.  

Quick PVR Test 

The ABI-400CL is also compatible with quick Pulse Volume Recordings (PVR) tests. This form of lower extremity physiological examination lasts for only 1-2 minutes wherein the patient is cuffed and with one push of a button results can be read and reviewed. 

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Software Used 

The ABI-400CL uses the simple ABI system. Which is an intuitive software made for getting instantaneous ABI results compiled into a full-page report that can be customized to fit the needs of your practice.  

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Price of ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-400CL 

This ABI-400CL system is priced at around $4,495 – $5,200. It’s in the mid-range as far as the price of other machines in the Newman Medical line goes. 

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Similar to the other ABI machines in its own line, the ABI-400CL is great for producing quick and reliable PAD examination results. This standard is further improved with its premium accessories — including the remote-operated cuffs and the software’s compatibility with quick and non-invasive PVR testing.  

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Technical Specifications 

  • Sensitive 8MHz Doppler Device 
  • simpleABI 400CL Reporting Software 
  • Remote-Operated Cuff-Links for automated blood-pressure readings 
  • (Optional) Netbook computer for running the simpleABI software


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Pros and Cons 

A list of pros and cons of the ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-400CL from Newman Medical.  

  • Automatic Bi-Lateral Index Results 
  • Easy-to-Use simpleABI software  
  • Sensitive 8MHz Doppler for testing for Pulse Waveforms 
  • Can be used for ABI and TBI testing — with the option for Non-Invasive Quick PVR tests 

  • Requires External Computer and Printer for Use 
  • Not Economical unless used for big practices 
  • Is not compatible with ABI Stress Testing or ABI Segmental Testing 
  • Finally, the ABI-400CL, much like a lot of other ABI machines at this time, uses technology that can be considered quite dated.


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