ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-300 Review

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The ABI-300 is the most basic and economical system in the Newman Medical ABI line. The ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-300 acts as a simple PC-based ABI System created for producing near-instantaneous results for diagnosing the presence of lower extremity peripheral arterial disease (PAD.) 


As a computer-based machine, the ABI-300 can produce results for physiological arterial exams in a manual capacity. It uses the simpleABI reporting software, which is a system that can guide you through testing and produces a full-page report that can then be viewed and stored for later use.  

  • Cost-Effective System for basic ABI Tests 
  • A PC-based system that runs intuitively along with the simpleABI Reporting Software 
  • Near-Instantaneous Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) calculation 
  • Full-Page Customizable Reports displays onto a Point-and-Click monitor 
  • Compatible with standard office printers 

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Tests Performed 

The ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-300 can produce results with the simpleABI software for the following tests: 

Single Level ABI Exam 

A fundamental exam conducted to identify possible obstructions with an 8MHz Doppler instrument and blood-pressure cuffs. With this system, Hi-Fi sounds of blood flow are broadcasted from a speaker and pulse waveforms can be captured onto a computer for further review.  

Single Level ABI + Toe Exam 

Similar to the previous exam, this single level ABI with Toe test is conducted with a Doppler and blood pressure cuff for identifying pulse waveforms — only this time, the pressure is read through the toes rather than the ankles. This type of ABI exam is mainly used for diagnosing patients with calcified blood vessels – which can prevent accurate results from a regular ABI.  

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Software Used 

The ABI-300 uses the simpleABI 300 reporting software. This works independently as its own integrated system. Everything needed for conducting lower extremity arterial examinations is available on this system without a need for other computer programs.  

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Price of ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine ABI-300 

This ABI system is priced at around $2,515 – $2,800. Which, with its accompanying accessories, is a fair price for a sophisticated ABI Doppler and Ultrasound Machine.  

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Much like other ABI machines produced by Newman Medical, the ABI-300 is an effective ABI Doppler Ultrasound Machine for diagnosing peripheral arterial disease. It also comes equipped with accessories for thorough PAD tests and the intuitive simpleABI reporting software to ease the process of examination. 

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Technical Specifications 

  • Sensitive 8MHz Doppler for listening to PVR  
  • simpleABI 300 Reporting Software 
  • Performs Single Level ABI and TBI testing 
  • (Optional) Netbook Computer for reading results 

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Pros and Cons

  • Automatic Index Results 
  • Displays full-page reports that can be customized to fit the practice’s logo and information so that it can be printed as legitimate documentation 
  • Tests for basic ABI and ABI + Toe (TBI) 
  • Easy to use simpleABI software — fully integrated and can be used without having to download or install other programs 

  • Manual systems require the use of a printer and computer (both are not included in the base price) — making it less portable than other ABI system solutions.  
  • Economically better suited for big practices and used for a large pool of patients 
  • Incompatible with ABI Stress Testing, Segmental Testing, and Quick PVR testing  
  • Finally, the ABI-300, whilst reliant on proven technology, does not necessarily count as a modern machine.


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