Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI Doppler Systems Review

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One of the ABI Doppler Machines that has got quite a reception in the market is Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI from Wallach Surgical. And in this ABI Doppler Systems Review, we’re going to analyze the features and the functionality of this system.PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease) is on the rise, and what’s more alarming is the fact that only 2% of all the people suffering from PAD go through the diagnosis and treatment process. Negligence and carelessness with PAD could have severe consequences.

Worsening of PAD might cause the patent to suffer from stroke, heart attack or infection in the legs, further resulting in amputation. It is, therefore, recommended that once a person reaches the age of 50, they must test for PAD, or other vascular diseases, and go for timely treatment.

PAD is a condition that occurs when the flow of blood to the legs is interrupted due to contraction of the arteries, or the deposit of fatty particles in them. The risks of PAD is higher in the case of individuals who have a history of smoking and Diabetes. To determine whether a person has PAD or not, ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) is calculated. It is the ratio of systolic pressure at brachial and that at ankles.

For the measurement of ABI, various ABI machines are available in the market. Few of them, mainly ABI Doppler Systems, use traditional equipment like Doppler and Cuffs, while other newer technologies take the help of sensors. In order to operate these machines, and calculate ABI accurately, experienced and trained medical practitioners are required.

ABI Doppler Systems Review

The traditional ABI Doppler machines include a Doppler device in the system. Using a probe, attached to the device, ultrasound signals are sent into the bloodstream, which helps in the reading of the blood flow. The device, then, records the data in the form of waves. The Doppler also produces sounds to help the user get the right readings.

Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI

LifeDop ABI Vascular System consists of a Doppler, an 8MHz probe, 4 cuffs with aneroid, and a printer. To calculate the ABI, first, the cuffs are tied and inflated at the right pressure. By using the Doppler and the probe, the readings of the blood flow are recorded. Meanwhile, the systolic pressure is also measured. The printer is connected to the Doppler to print the waveform readings.

This process has to be repeated 4 times in case of each of the brachial and ankles. Also, the calculation of ABI has to be done manually, and all the data received during the process is handwritten on the report. The printed waveform reading is also pasted on the report for further clarification.

In case of complications, like that in the case of Diabetic patients, the probe is used to read the blood flow of the arteries in the toes, instead of the ankles. TBI (Toe Brachial Index) is calculated, using ABI TBI Machine, which serves the same purpose as ABI.

Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI is a handheld Doppler for ABI, and due to its compact size, it is very portable. Also, it is claimed to be well built, and so is durable and long lasting. Testing for ABI by using the device is a simple process, however, a certain level of training and experience in the field is required to produce an accurate report, as most of the things are done manually.

Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI vs. Summit Doppler LifeDop 300 ABI

Summit Doppler LifeDop 300 ABI is a more advanced version of Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI. The Doppler offered in LifeDop 300 ABI features a set of numeric buttons, using which the operator can enter the data into the device, and calculate ABI in patients. The system guarantees accurate results and eliminates the need to rely on any other means to calculate ABI.

ABI Doppler Systems

LifeDop ABI Vascular System is one of the most traditional ABI Machines, which, in comparison to the modern ABI Machines, is quite inferior, from many perspectives. Firstly, most modern ABI machines are designed to keep the testing process simple, so that anyone with just a little bit of idea can carry it out easily. Also, all the processes such as calculating ABI, preparing a report and so on, are automatic and performed with the help of a software.

This ABI Doppler Equipment, on the other hand, requires a lot of manual work. From preparing the patient for the test to performing the test, calculating the ABI to report preparation; everything is manual work. Because of too many steps in the testing procedure, it takes a long time to conduct the test. Also, the process is so complex that it can be handled only by medical professionals, who have good experience with ABI testing, or the use of this device particularly.

Modern ABI Machines are manufactured keeping patients’ comfort in mind. They’re able to conduct the test and produce the result with the least amount of body contact. In case of this ABI Doppler Equipment, cuffs and gels are used during the testing process which can cause some level of strain to the skin and the blood vessels, ultimately, making the experience quite uncomfortable for few patients.

The accuracy of the results with Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI depends highly on the operator. A slight error like holding the probe at a wrong angle can feed wrong data to the device, and produce inaccurate results. This further increases the need for the operator to be highly experienced.

Newer technologies rely only on a set of sensors, and a computer, with an ABI software installed in it. In a small duration of five to ten minutes, the reading is taken, the reports are prepared and printed. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s more comfortable for the patients, and the accuracy of the result is never a question. These are the features that have made modern ABI machines the best when it comes to testing for ABI.

To end this ABI Doppler Systems Review, while Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI is a portable equipment, with a lot of positive features that can truly help a patient get ABI results, it is quite old-fashioned in comparison to the many newer technologies that test ABI. The traditional features in Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI make the testing procedure time-consuming, uncomfortable and excessively manual because of which modern ABI machines prove to be superior.

Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI vs. QuantaFlo PAD Test

QuantaFlo PAD Testing by Semler Scientific is an advanced PAD testing technology. It is faster, requiring less than ten minutes to conduct the test and produce the result; it is more accurate, all tests and result preparation done automatically with sensors and software; it is more comfortable, all examinations performed with only sensors attached to fingers and toes. QuantaFlo is also very portable, requiring only a computer and wired sensors to conduct the test, and the simplicity of the testing process allows anyone to operate the device and conduct the test. All these attributes make QuantaFlo far superior product than the traditional ABI Doppler Machines like Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI.

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